spread (one's) wings

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spread (one's) wings

1. To start to live more independently and experience new things, especially for the first time. Now that I'm finished school, I feel like I really want to spread my swings and see what's out there for me.
2. To begin using one's talents or abilities to their full potential. I know if you just spread your wings, you'll be a really successful writer. But you have to start taking it seriously.
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spread your wings

COMMON If you spread your wings, you start to do new or more interesting things. Michelle has been in the show since she left school and feels like she needs to spread her wings. I was 23 and still living with my parents. I just felt it was time to spread my wings.
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spread (or stretch or try) your wings

extend your activities and interests or start new ones.
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spread your ˈwings

become more independent and confident enough to try new activities, etc: Studying at university should help you to spread your wings and become independent.
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References in classic literature ?
How could you harm the little helpless one, that never did aught to injure you?" And while her tears fell like summer rain, she drooped in grief above the little bud, and sadly watched it fading in the sunlight; but Thistledown, heedless of the sorrow he had given, spread his wings and flew away.
The moment my feet touched the ground I took out my knife and cut the threads that bound me, and the sight of me in my proper clothes so alarmed the roc that he spread his wings and flew away.
No sooner did he feel the stroke, than he spread his wings (which I had not perceived before), and flew up with me straight into the sky.
At last he spread his wings and made a darting flight to the top of a tree, where he perched and sang loudly.
"Stop," he said, raising a feeble arm to check the speed of his companion; "the Eagle of my tribe must spread his wings wider.
"Is he a bird, to spread his wings; or is he a fish, to swim without air!
And with another bow, the Monkey King spread his wings and flew away through the window, followed by all his band.
Don't it seem to you they'd be in a sad case, if, some pleasant summer morning like this, the angel should spread his wings, and fly to the place he came from?
He said: "It was just a case of being in the right place at the right time as the eaglet finally spread his wings and took to the skies for the first time."
After serving as an understudy of former PBA Most Valuable Player Jimmy Alapag in 2016, Amer has spread his wings this season, sparking Meralco to the semifinals after a woeful start in the season-ending conference.
Just minutes after the story broke that Alas would be taking the head coaching duties of the Fuel Masters, the soft-spoken former Alaska assistant said he would rather let Kevin spread his wings with the NLEX Road Warriors.
A regular on the North East's music circuit with his distinctive brand of acoustic storytelling, in 2013 Martin spread his wings further, performing all over the UK and picking up some Radio One attention en route with single, April.
TEENAGE table tennis ace Paul Smith is ready to spread his wings to take on the top stars of the sport.
The Peterborough gaffer is already a wanted man in England's top two divisions but would like to spread his wings after doing it as a player.
Xabi Alonso can spread his wings as the attacking fulcrum and with Momo Sissoko eager to join the fray, Rafael Benitez should cope with the short absence of his inspirational skipper.