spread (one's) wings

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spread (one's) wings

1. To start to live more independently and experience new things, especially for the first time. Now that I'm finished school, I feel like I really want to spread my swings and see what's out there for me.
2. To begin using one's talents or abilities to their full potential. I know if you just spread your wings, you'll be a really successful writer. But you have to start taking it seriously.
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spread your wings

COMMON If you spread your wings, you start to do new or more interesting things. Michelle has been in the show since she left school and feels like she needs to spread her wings. I was 23 and still living with my parents. I just felt it was time to spread my wings.
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spread (or stretch or try) your wings

extend your activities and interests or start new ones.
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spread your ˈwings

become more independent and confident enough to try new activities, etc: Studying at university should help you to spread your wings and become independent.
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References in classic literature ?
The way she has already spread her wings is amazing.
? How Grace spread her wings A timetable clash of the A-level subjects that Grace Morgan applied to study at school meant she had to find an alternative.
It unthinkable Bags of rubbish were strewn around the floor, and the conditions were so cramped that the eagle could not even spread her wings.
The US actress told Ryan Seacrest that at 20 she is now ready to spread her wings and leave the nest.
The actress, who plays sideshow attraction 'Lily the Bird woman' in the movie, showed off her perfectly toned and curvy body, as she spread her wings, reports the Daily Mail.
It looks like this bird certainly wants to spread her wings and Miley's career seems certain to fly even higher.
Handler Terry Lewis allows Amber the owl to spread her wings at the Cathedral
SHE'S scooped the title of Sexiest Female for two years running, but gorgeous Hollyoaker Roxanne McKee (main picture) is about to spread her wings away from the C4 soap.
BEAUTY: Head falconer Goff Bates lets Hills spread her wings at Beamish where she is expected to be a big attraction PICTURES: IAIN BUIST www.chroniclelive.co.uk/buyaphoto ref: 01373586; BEFORE THE BEAK: Hills, the vulture
The domestic diva's products blanket the discount and department store channels at Kmart and Macy's, and she just spread her wings to Costco with a new food line.
He set his Dracula on her and encouraged her to spread her wings as the Firebird.
But she was soon to spread her wings and make her name as a feted archaeologist, linguist, diplomat and explorer.
A RUGBY artist is preparing to spread her wings by showing her work at a gallery in Kenilworth.
She's led a comfortable life with the security of her family in a small Irish community, but now she's ready to spread her wings and make a fresh start by becoming a student at London's Goldsmiths College.
I'm afraid she's no longer your little baby - she's growing into a young woman and wants to spread her wings.