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spray someone or something with something

to coat someone or something with a mist or stream of liquid. The elephant sprayed us with water. I sprayed the fence with white paint. He sprayed himself with some of the cologne.
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spray something onto someone or something

 and spray something on
to direct a mist or stream of a liquid onto someone or something. Danny sprayed cold water onto the boys and cooled them off. Dan sprayed on some cold water. I sprayed the paint on and it dried almost immediately.
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The researchers therefore suggest that inhalation in the first hours or days after spraying is the most important pathway of deltamethrin exposure for children.
Hazelrigg said he'll have a better idea if the spraying will be necessary once he gets the results back soon on how successful efforts by his staff have been to spray larvicides - pesticides intended to kill mosquito larvae - in sewers, storm drains and flood-control channels.
Since DDT is not absorbed through the skin, spraying DDT in houses is unlikely to expose pregnant women--or anyone else--to amounts great enough to pose a danger.
It is advisable that the operator change the direction of the spraying motion.
If their lot is scheduled to be sprayed by either the state or the county, the municipality notifies them as well as any other landowners within 250 feet of the block slated for spraying.
Polyester foam units for low-fume spraying of polyester foam.
embassy have a monitoring program in place to investigate all complaints related to spraying, from reports of planes spraying legitimate crops to glyphosate causing health problems.
I had given up spraying from discouragement and distaste for the job and had continued the practice of no spraying from just every day common sense.
The United States itself halted the spraying of occupied passenger planes landing here back in 1979 when the Centers for Disease Control determined that, while the pesticide concentrations used weren't particularly effective against insects, they could be harmful to humans.
Applying IPM to ornamental landscaping doesn't necessarilly preclude spraying.
Integrated line of plural-component meter/ mix/dispense equipment for spraying or pouring from 2 to 240 lb/min.
A population-level study has shown that night-time pesticide spraying in the late summer and early fall, aimed at controlling adult mosquitoes that carry West Nile virus, can be done in a way that does not drive up the number of people seeking emergency care for asthma-related problems [EHP 112:1183-1187].
Spraying of malathion over Florida communities to battle the Mediterranean fruit fly may have sickened 123 people last year, according to a federal study that reinforced fears of Southern Californians who have battled aerial spraying.
Heavy, late-spring spraying of forests with a pesticide laced with nonylphenol during the 1970s and '80s was the clue that led the biologists to unmask that chemical's role in the transitory decline of salmon in East Canada.
With the widest range of applications of any thermal spray technique, plasma spraying is a broadly applicable tool for producing a dense coating of a variety of materials including metals, ceramics, polymers and composites.