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spray someone or something with something

to coat someone or something with a mist or stream of liquid. The elephant sprayed us with water. I sprayed the fence with white paint. He sprayed himself with some of the cologne.
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spray something onto someone or something

 and spray something on
to direct a mist or stream of a liquid onto someone or something. Danny sprayed cold water onto the boys and cooled them off. Dan sprayed on some cold water. I sprayed the paint on and it dried almost immediately.
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Indoor soil levels peaked above 2 parts per million 8 days after spraying, and declined to about 0.
Adrienne Esposito, executive director of Citizens Campaign for the Environment in New York City, said no one died from the targeted spraying in New York but many people reported suffering dizziness, nausea and feeling disoriented.
By 1979, the World Health Organization had formally endorsed this approach over that of preemptive insecticide spraying.
The rate of deposition, expressed in [micro]m of dry coating deposited per second of spraying, will depend on three parameters: the flow rate (in milliliters per second) of the slurry coming out of the gun nozzle; the surface area of the spray halo; and the solid content of the slurry which is directly related to its Baume density, as well as the theoretical density of the ceramic charge.
Spray-coating applications in the food processing industry are virtually unlimited: spraying rice crackers with oil before seasoning, coating pie crusts with a milk/egg white solution for proper baking, coating popcorn with butter or cheese and spraying flavors onto potato chips.
Sometimes the county ends up spraying more acreage than the state," Shaw says.
Air trigger allows feathering into tight recesses without flooding and eliminates possibility of spraying catalyst without gelcoat.
Residents of the sprayed areas are not told when spraying will occur for security reasons, so they cannot take any steps to protect themselves, their families, their crops, or their livestock.
Spraying Systems offers full cone, hollow cone, flat spray and solid stream spray patterns, with a wide range of droplet sizes and flow capacities.
Aside from mulching, one of the cultural practices recommended this time of year is dormant spraying of peach trees to prevent an outbreak of peach leaf curl next spring.
Spraying the refuge will reduce the frequency of genes for susceptibility in the insect population, Shelton says.
What's at issue is the spraying of occupied passenger planes with pesticides.
Among other considerations, training should also stress that officers move away quickly after spraying a subject.
In general, compressed air assistance is recommended for spraying the water-based systems onto the surface to be coated.
IPM is an approach to pest control that relies far less On blanket spraying of chemicals than on a sophisticated understanding of both plants and pests-the mechanics, chemistry, and biology of natural systems.