spray onto

spray (something) onto (someone or something)

To shoot a stream of some mist or liquid onto someone or something. My parents kept spraying bug repellant onto us whenever we wanted to go out for a hike. It got so hot that we had to spray water onto the road to keep the asphalt from melting.
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spray something onto someone or something

 and spray something on
to direct a mist or stream of a liquid onto someone or something. Danny sprayed cold water onto the boys and cooled them off. Dan sprayed on some cold water. I sprayed the paint on and it dried almost immediately.
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Sewing team leader Long Sok Leab at Starite said an administration manager had told him that a strange smell was coming from a building next to the factory, where they 'use a substance to spray onto wooden furniture'.
Spray onto surfaces; wipe with a cotton flannel cloth.
Spray onto a clean, dry scalp and massage morning and night.
Earlier this year the retailer introduced a Limited Edition collection for spring that includes a spray-on bronzer called Golden Summer and a matte powder called Eliminate Shine that users simply spray onto a powder brush and then apply to their skin.
While killing an injured crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos), the officer struck the struggling bird on a nearby horizontal pipe gate, which resulted in fracture of the skull, causing brain tissue and cerebrospinal fluid to spray onto his head, face, neck, and right shoulder.
Watching water from your shower spray onto stone can instantly transport you to a warmer climate - think ocean spray onto sun-warmed Mediterranean rock.
Rilsan coatings are made from polyamide 11 fine powders and are applied by electrostatic spray onto 4 of the 6 MPV rails that are particularly exposed to mechanical stress and chemical constraints.
Moreover, they may foreshadow clot-forming powders a person will simply spray onto a bleeding wound.
Spray onto towel-dried hair, comb through and blow dry and then either lighten all over, spray onto lower sections, spray on selected strands, or just touch up roots.
FOR LEATHER: *To remove recent biro pen and other stains from leather sofas, jackets and handbags try spraying an alcohol-based hair spray onto the area.
Spray this curling spray onto sections of hair before using tongs to promote soft, bouncy curls with both movement and staying power.