spray onto

spray something onto someone or something

 and spray something on
to direct a mist or stream of a liquid onto someone or something. Danny sprayed cold water onto the boys and cooled them off. Dan sprayed on some cold water. I sprayed the paint on and it dried almost immediately.
See also: spray
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The product is simple to use: just shake well, hold the can 4-6 inches from dry, styled hair and spray onto roots using light, even strokes.
Spray onto surfaces; wipe with a cotton flannel cloth.
Simply spray onto clothing, carpets, bedding and upholstery, leave to dry and say goodbye to moths.
Spray onto a clean, dry scalp and massage morning and night.
Spray onto a stubborn label or sticky residue, leave for a few minutes and watch the label swiftly slide off.
2) water more than twice a week; 3) spray onto sidewalk, driveway or street.
While killing an injured crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos), the officer struck the struggling bird on a nearby horizontal pipe gate, which resulted in fracture of the skull, causing brain tissue and cerebrospinal fluid to spray onto his head, face, neck, and right shoulder.
Watching water from your shower spray onto stone can instantly transport you to a warmer climate - think ocean spray onto sun-warmed Mediterranean rock.
Moreover, they may foreshadow clot-forming powders a person will simply spray onto a bleeding wound.
The target features of Nestorone(R) MDTS(R) are: a convenient daily spray onto the arm that is more discreet and less irritating to the skin than a patch, and we believe, will prove to have a better safety profile than other hormonal contraceptives.
Spray onto towel-dried hair, comb through and blow dry and then either lighten all over, spray onto lower sections, spray on selected strands, or just touch up roots.
FOR LEATHER: *To remove recent biro pen and other stains from leather sofas, jackets and handbags try spraying an alcohol-based hair spray onto the area.
Spray this curling spray onto sections of hair before using tongs to promote soft, bouncy curls with both movement and staying power.
We are seeing a lot of residential sprinklers spray onto city streets in between the rain, and what this does is saturate the roadways, leaking into road beds and deteriorating our roadways,'' Nisich said.