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sprawl about

 and sprawl around
to slouch or lounge somewhere; to spread oneself out casually while lounging. (Usually refers to habitual action, perhaps in a number of places.) He sprawled about, loafing the afternoon away. When I came into the room, four teenage boys were sprawled around the furniture, watching television.
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sprawl out

to spread oneself out casually while lounging. (Usually done one time, not habitually. Compare this with sprawl about.) He sprawled out and took up most of the space. I need more room so I can sprawl out.
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sprawl out

1. To cause something to spread out in a straggling or disordered fashion: The detective sprawled the evidence out on the desk. The mechanic sprawled out the parts so that they would be easy to find. My papers are sprawled out on the desk.
2. To be spread out in a straggling or disordered fashion: Shoddy apartment buildings sprawled out across the valley.
3. To sit or lie with the body and limbs spread out awkwardly: I sprawled out on the chair, but I sat up straight when my mother walked into the room.
4. To extend oneself when lying down or sitting so that the body and limbs spread out awkwardly: I yawned and sprawled myself out in the hammock. The security guard is sprawled out in the chair, fast asleep.
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Hence even many of the mid-sized cities of the country are experiencing serious traffic problems that are partially caused by sprawling urban development pattern.
The study did not allow for an examination of the differences in rates of heat-related morbidity and mortality between sprawling and compact cities.
The statistics on density, income and ethnic mix, transit and travel behaviour all indicate the emergence of a different and, frankly, better city form compared to that typical south of the border, evidence of cities more poised to cope with the challenges of 21st-century demographic, environmental, economic, security and lifestyle demands that could collectively send the city sprawling back in on itself.
He and his collaborators found no change in weight associated with moving from a sprawling locale to a dense one, or vice versa.
teammates and their coaches meet once a month at Bela Karolyi's sprawling ranch in Houston.
Not surprisingly, metro areas marked by sprawling development and a high degree of auto dependency--Orlando, Tampa, West Palm Beach, and Memphis, among others--are the most dangerous regions to walk in.
The study examined the 20 most sprawling metro areas in the country and estimated the imperviousness of new development in each region, factoring in soil types and rainfall patterns.
The top four least sprawling cities by the composite index are New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Boston, all old industrial and commercial centres, as we might expect.
Even if patches of land are left undeveloped, sprawling growth often swallows up niche habitats, taking away the homes of species that depend on specialized ecosystems.
SPRAWLING towns and cities built for cars are harming the international fight to curb global warming, a report warns.
And it feels like a sprawling suburb--wide streets lined with identical houses fronted by mown lawns and miniature trees.
The authors contrast the sprawling development with a traditional town plan.
It is somewhat fashionable to defend contemporary sprawling suburbs as somehow the spontaneous result of people doing their thing.
Click-and-drag the elements of time in John Maeda's sprawling Java calendar, at www.
The sprawling of our cities and suburbs has more than doubled in the last five years.