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sprawl about

 and sprawl around
to slouch or lounge somewhere; to spread oneself out casually while lounging. (Usually refers to habitual action, perhaps in a number of places.) He sprawled about, loafing the afternoon away. When I came into the room, four teenage boys were sprawled around the furniture, watching television.
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sprawl out

to spread oneself out casually while lounging. (Usually done one time, not habitually. Compare this with sprawl about.) He sprawled out and took up most of the space. I need more room so I can sprawl out.
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sprawl out

1. To cause something to spread out in a straggling or disordered fashion: The detective sprawled the evidence out on the desk. The mechanic sprawled out the parts so that they would be easy to find. My papers are sprawled out on the desk.
2. To be spread out in a straggling or disordered fashion: Shoddy apartment buildings sprawled out across the valley.
3. To sit or lie with the body and limbs spread out awkwardly: I sprawled out on the chair, but I sat up straight when my mother walked into the room.
4. To extend oneself when lying down or sitting so that the body and limbs spread out awkwardly: I yawned and sprawled myself out in the hammock. The security guard is sprawled out in the chair, fast asleep.
See also: out, sprawl
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I haven't been drawn to any of the big sprawlers, as I call them, but there has been a project I have been developing for a TV film for the last V four years, I have taken it very slowly and I am still working on it.
Abundances Number of taxa (families/orders included) Number of individuals Mean number of individuals Crustacea Mollusca ETO (Ephemeroptera, Trichoptera, Odonata) Ephemeroptera Trichoptera Odonata Non-insects (excluding crustaceans and molluscs) Non-insects Insects Oligochaeta Coleoptera (larvae and adults) Diptera (excluding Chironomidae) Diptera (including Chironimidae) Zooplankton Functional Feeding Groups Collectors Scrapers Shredders Predators Habits Burrowers Skaters Clingers Climbers Sprawlers Swimmers Swimmers (excluding zooplankton) Flyers Breathing Mechanisms Air breathers Gills Other
English roses vary from shrubs to gangly sprawlers and climbers; choose a variety suited to the effect you want as well as to your site and climate.
WORST SPRAWLERS Regions with the greatest growth around urban areas.
Fight through 20 intense missions as either the JDA or Sprawlers with BradyGAMES' Dark Reign 2(TM) Official Strategy Guide.
Diascias, below, are the best of the wee South African orange sprawlers now commonplace in bedding schemes.
In Didier Drogba, Chelsea have one of the most adept sprawlers in the Premiership, a view shared by Ladbrokes.
The variously sized beds lend themselves to different crops--the wider ones are great for sprawlers like potatoes, the narrower ones for tidy growers like leaf lettuce.
The earliest ground cover roses--such as 'Scarlet Meidiland', for instance--were sprawlers, introduced during the 1970s as no-care plants for commercial use.
Clematis are not only climbers, they can also be sprawlers and this white variety has filled its pot and is trailing nicely.
Most vines are sprawlers that like lots of root room; to keep them vigorous for more than a season or two takes special care.
Like small indeterminate tomatoes, poha vines are sprawlers that reach 2-1/i to 3 feet tall.