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sprain one's ankle

to become pregnant. She has, ah, sprained her ankle. From the looks of her, she must have sprained her ankle some months ago.
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sprain one’s ankle

tv. to become pregnant. From the looks of her, she must have sprained her ankle some months ago.
See also: ankle, sprain
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Studies that have investigated methods of treating ankle sprains have usually analyzed the time required to return to work or sports, to achieve complete range of motion, and resolve swelling and pain.
After a year, healthy mice were running significantly more mileage on their wheels than those who had sprains.
Although they are a duck dog job hazard, sprains and strains can be exacerbated by poor physical fitness and fatigue.
MCL sprains can usually be diagnosed clinically via physical exam.
Only descriptive statistics and frequencies were calculated to determine the overall prevalence of giving way, lateral ankle sprains, and other symptoms associated with CAI.
A Cochrane review of 14 randomized and quasi-randomized trials concluded that patients who used external ankle supports, such as semi-rigid orthotics or air cast braces, suffered significantly fewer ankle sprains than controls (relative risk [RR]=0.
Cathleen Brown Crowell, an assistant professor in the UGA College of Education's department of kinesiology, found that people who have a history of repetitive ankle sprains demonstrated lower clearance heights between their feet and the floor during running, and pointed their toes down more during walking.
Of the more than 30 male recreational athletes in the study, some had a history of repetitive ankle sprains and some did not.
Several factors can increase your risk of ankle sprains, including improper footwear, says Susan Joy, MD, with Cleveland Clinic Sports Health.
Using an ankle brace significantly protects against getting that first inversion ankle sprain, especially if you're a woman, according to a recent study of 999 high school volleyball players in Los Angeles.
A Sprains are injuries to a ligament, which are the strong tissues around joints that attach bones together.
However, these issues should not detract physiotherapists from the overall findings of the study - that a proprioceptive training program is beneficial in reducing recurrent ankle sprains and should be implemented in addition to usual care when treating people with acute ankle sprain.
Clinical outcomes are reported as well as probable mechanisms of common peroneal nerve injury from inversion ankle sprains.
Dismounting an appliance" caused the most injuries; with two sprains, two bruises and a fracture, while one firefighter managed to get a sprain from tripping over a kerb at an incident.
Studies have shown that 10 to 30 percent of sprains will have symptoms later.