sprain (one's) ankle

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sprain (one's) ankle

1. Literally, to injure ligaments in one's ankle by wrenching or suddenly twisting them. At first I thought I had only sprained my ankle, but it turns out I actually broke a few bones when I fell like that.
2. euphemism, obsolete To be or become pregnant. I heard the poor lass was taken in by a rake and ended up spraining her ankle.
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sprain one's ankle

to become pregnant. She has, ah, sprained her ankle. From the looks of her, she must have sprained her ankle some months ago.
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sprain one’s ankle

tv. to become pregnant. From the looks of her, she must have sprained her ankle some months ago.
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References in classic literature ?
O that he had sprained his ankle in the first place!"
Baynes' horse fell on him and sprained his ankle," Hanson hastened to explain.
If this man sprained his ankle, a million miles of telegraph would carry the news over mountains--valleys--uninhabited deserts--under the trackless sea--and ten thousand newspapers would prate of it; if he were grievously ill, all the nations would know it before the sun rose again; if he dropped lifeless where he stood, his fall might shake the thrones of half a world!
Luckily a "Parry Norman" man sprained his ankle falling down the fo'c'sle, and the "We're Heres" gained.
One morning, however, poor Thasus found that he had sprained his ankle, and could not possibly go a step farther.
John bravely continued in the jungle after he sprained his ankle and kept doing trials.
The Golden State Warriors will be without guard Steph Curry who sprained his ankle during a game this week.
Munsayac sprained his ankle in the 2:12 mark of the fourth quarter with the Generals trailing 72-59 after he stepped on Javee Mocon while crossing the halfcourt line.
But he sprained his ankle before the QPR game and the damage to the joint is worse than at first thought.
Bendtner, however, is now set for a spell on the sidelines having sprained his ankle in scoring the goal which Wenger believes was reward for his positive attitude since returning to the first-team picture this season.
According to Sport24, Abbott is brought in as cover for Morne Morkel, who badly sprained his ankle in the first Test at the Wanderers over the weekend.
Josh slipped, fell and sprained his ankle in front of 20,000 fans.
Bale sprained his ankle during training on Friday and missed yesterday's win over Sunderland at White Hart Lane.
With the squad resembling the walking wounded, there was more bad news as front-runner Ben Mackey sprained his ankle and had to be substituted early on, leaving manager Paul Holleran with plenty of headaches.
About two weeks after hosting the camp, the second-year center sprained his ankle during Day 2 of the Grizzlies' training camp at Birmingham-Southern College.