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sprain one's ankle

to become pregnant. She has, ah, sprained her ankle. From the looks of her, she must have sprained her ankle some months ago.
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sprain one’s ankle

tv. to become pregnant. From the looks of her, she must have sprained her ankle some months ago.
See also: ankle, sprain
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Prof Hubbard-Turner recruited 20 college students with chronic ankle instability - a condition caused by ankle sprains like mine - and 20 healthy students.
19) Few studies, however, have described foot drop as a sequela of ankle inversion sprain.
Studies have shown that 10 to 30 percent of sprains will have symptoms later.
For grade III sprains, treatment with either the Air-Stirrup brace or casting for 10 days followed by the use of an elastic wrap appeared to produce comparable outcomes, the investigators reported.
Chi-square tests showed a strong relationship between the scores of all balance tests in the study for detecting balance problems after traumatic ankle ligament sprain (p > 0.
Common injuries and locations: Sprains, strains, bruises, fractures, scrapes, dislocation, cuts, dental injuries.
FootCareMD also includes articles on How to Use Crutches and How to Strengthen your Ankle After a Sprain.
Mild sprains can be treated at home with PRICE - Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.
SHERI "SPARKLE" WILLIAMS, the small powerhouse of a dancer who is the centerpiece of Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, had just one inguinal ligament sprain and an ankle sprain in her 32 seasons with the company.
Range of motion and strength of the ligaments around the ankle, which have been stretched or partially torn, is essential or another sprain may well occur.
You can sprain your ankle doing anything--slipping on the soccer field, stepping off the curb, or falling over someone's outstretched foot.
For more details on treatment and getting back to full functioning after an ankle sprain, visit the How to Care for a Sprained Ankle page at FootCareMD, the patient education website of the AOFAS.
Acute injuries, such as a sudden sprain or muscle pull, seem to happen out of the blue.
When that inevitable ankle sprain occurs, the road to recovery begins with knowing the importance of proper rehabilitation.
As snowboarding has increased in popularity, this fracture has become much more common but is often misdiagnosed as a sprain.