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be up the spout

slang To be pregnant. You two have only been married for a couple of months, I can't believe you're up the spout already!
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up the spout

Pregnant. You two have only been married for a couple of months, I can't believe you're up the spout already! I was pretty wild during my university years, which is how I found myself up the spout at 22.
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gush (forth) (from someone or something)

 and gush (forth) (out of someone or something); gush (out) (from someone or something) to spout out of someone or something.
(Can be words, water, blood, vomit, etc. The optional elements cannot be transposed.) The blood gushed forth from his wound. Curses gushed forth from Sharon. Water gushed forth out of the broken pipe. The words gushed out from her mouth. The curses gushed from her mouth in torrents.

spout from something

[for a liquid] to gush from something. A plume of water vapor spouted from the blowhole of the whale. Water spouted from the top of the fountain and flowed down the sides.
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spout off

 (about someone or something)
1. to brag or boast about someone or something. Stop spouting off about Tom. Nobody could be that good! Alice is spouting off about her new car.
2. to speak out publicly about someone or something; to reveal information publicly about someone or something. I wish you wouldn't spout off about my family affairs in public. There is no point in spouting off about this problem.
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spout something out

1. Lit. to exude a liquid. The hose spouted the cooling water out all over the children. It spouted out cooling water.
2. Fig. to blurt something out; to speak out suddenly, revealing some important piece of information. She spouted the name of the secret agent out under the effects of the drug. She spouted out everything we wanted to know.
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up the spout

1. If something is up the spout, it is completely ruined. The money's disappeared, so has he, and the whole scheme's up the spout. The economy's up the spout.
2. If a woman is up the spout, she is pregnant. Her daughter is up the spout again. Note: This is usually used when the pregnancy is a problem rather than a good thing. Note: Originally, this expression was used to refer to items which had been pawned (= given to someone in return for a loan of money). The `spout' was the lift in which an item was taken from the pawnbroker's shop to the storeroom above.
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up the spout

1 no longer working or likely to be useful or successful. 2 (of a woman) pregnant. British informal
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be/go up the ˈspout

(British English, slang) be/go wrong; be spoilt or not working: It looks like our holiday plans are up the spout.This information the bank sent me is totally up the spout. Spout was the name given to a lift in a pawnbroker’s shop which took goods up to an area where they were stored. If somebody had items up the spout, they were in financial trouble. The expression gradually came to mean difficulties in general.
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spout off

1. To speak continuously and tediously: I dread spending an evening with my cousins and listening to them spout off about their last vacation.
2. To utter something that is long-winded and tedious: I'd hoped for a simple answer, but the mechanic spouted off a technical explanation that confused me even more. The tour guides have to memorize the speech until they can spout it off without effort.
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up the spout

Chiefly British Slang
1. Pawned.
2. In difficulty.
3. Pregnant.
See also: spout, up
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200415CUP_09 KATIE LUNN Violet Walker-Howarth started to choke on the spout of her Nuby cup
When Adler went to the city, he says he was told that the motel owner had complained that the spout was "getting people wet and they can't sit outside.
The following 1952 season, Up The Spout and Jeff looked like trotting up in a point-to-point at Belmont in Herefordshire only to fall and the horse to sadly break his neck.
But, Altshuler and colleagues say what's new is the idea that the vortices can continue generating a counter flow even after the water has fallen off the end of the spout and into the cup below.
COUNTRYSIDE: In response to the reader who wanted thick cream out of the spout of his Montgomery Ward Separator, as a young Texas farm boy it was one of my chores to separate the cream and milk.
This portable spout (and inspired space saver) converts a used plastic bottle into a watering can.
the position and size of the spout and fountain were seen to be invariant with time, and the pressure drop across the bed was statistically steady.
Both spouts are self-vented and have an O-ring seal to prevent leaks.
The package with a perforated header can then be removed, allowing the spout to be opened.
Avent Magic Cup, three monthsplus (Mothercare) This has an easy-clean, non-spill spout and sturdy handles that tiny tots found very easy to manage - and chew on.
With the temple remaining open for worships at all times during the renovation work, tearing out sections of drain spout was not an option.
Other options are a dust collector and a Power Cincher that cinches the spout for leak-proof retying of partially emptied bags.
The can has a spout that rotates back toward the body for simple filling and space-effective storage.
The air filled his nasal passages--and the tear duct--giving enough push power to spout the milk fountain from his eye's punctum.
The patent-applied-for design, named the Swing-Down[TM] bulk bag filler, simultaneously lowers and pivots the fill head, stopping in a vertically oriented position that places the bag inlet spout inflatable connection, inflator button, and four bag loop latches within arms length of an operator standing on the plant floor.