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spot (one) (some amount of money)

To lend one some amount of money, especially in an impromptu fashion and often without the expectation of being paid back. Sorry, I forgot to bring my wallet with me. Could you spot me a few bucks to pay for my coffee? Oh no, not this time. I'm not spotting you any more money until you pay back what you still owe me.
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spot (someone or something) as (something)

To identify or recognize someone or something as being a particular type of person or thing. Is there anyone you've spotted as a potential candidate for the job? I spotted this as a potential problem weeks ago, but the bosses wouldn't listen to me at the time.
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spot (something) a mile off

To see or predict something well in advance of it actually arriving or happening. I can spot where this conversation is heading a mile off. The car is so obnoxiously large that you can spot it a mile off.
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Cheetahs are on the fast track to extinction because tougher animals, such as lions and hyenas force cheetahs off protected land on African wildlife reserves These animals steal the spotted cats' fresh kills for an easy meal.
Demma's team identified 16 people, 12 of them children, with symptoms of Rocky Mountain spotted fever: headache, abdominal pain, fever, sore throat, and a telltale rash.
The northern spotted owl probably never should have been listed as a threatened species in the first place.
Since the northern spotted:owl was listed as a threatened species in 1989, there have been two comprehensive, science-based proposals to protect its habitat (primarily in the oldgrowth forests of western Washington, western Oregon, and northern California).
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conorii infections, but these are characterized by rash (Mediterranean spotted fever), which the current patient did not have.
The current reemergence of spotted fever rickettsiosis caused by Rickettsia rickettsii in Brazil has resulted in a high proportion of fatal cases.