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blind spot

1. An area that is not able to be seen, either due to its location outside of the field of vision, or due to some physical obstruction or a defect in one's vision. Often used to describe the areas around a car that cannot be seen with the rear-view or side mirrors. This car has a big blind spot on the right side, so remember to always turn your head to look before merging. Leslie always experiences blind spots when she starts to get a migraine. That security camera has a blind spot—and that's where we'll sneak in.
2. By extension, an aspect of one's life or a certain situation that one is ignorant of or that one does not understand fully. Jen has a real blind spot when it comes to her relationships with men trying to take advantage of her wealth.
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One who is available and ready for action. Thankfully, Pat was Johnny-on-the-spot with buckets when the roof started leaking.

spot someone

1. Sl. to give an advantage to someone. I'll spot you twenty points. No need to spot me. I'm the greatest!
2. Sl. to lend someone something. Can you spot me a few bucks? I can spot you a whole hundred!


1. n. a small drink of liquor. I’ll just have a spot, please.
2. n. a nightclub; a night spot. It was a nice little spot, with a combo and a canary.
References in classic literature ?
At last they reached a solitary spot, where she told her son that she must needs lie down, and take a good long rest.
Here my friend, about whose madness I now saw, or fancied that I saw, certain indications of method, removed the peg which marked the spot where the beetle fell, to a spot about three inches to the westward of its former position.
And in this self-same spot the priests of the Temple beheaded him for those blasphemous words he had spoken.
It was nine o'clock at night, when the man, quite tired out, and the dog, limping and lame from the unaccustomed exercise, turned down the hill by the church of the quiet village, and plodding along the little street, crept into a small public-house, whose scanty light had guided them to the spot.
If, on the other hand, they have the map, and see us digging at a spot not indicated on it, they will be puzzled, knowing we must have some idea of where the buried city lies.
I was aware that my son was building a tomb, and I think I can find the spot.
At this spot, so pregnant with fond and filial remembrances, his heart beat almost to bursting, his knees tottered under him, a mist floated over his sight, and had he not clung for support to one of the trees, he would inevitably have fallen to the ground and been crushed beneath the many vehicles continually passing there.
Meantime, her husband had pitched upon a spot for their new home.
But when the Night had thrown her pall Upon that spot, as upon all, And the mystic wind went by Murmuring in melody -- Then -- ah then I would awake To the terror of the lone lake.
The mixed, singular, luminous gloom in which they walked along together to the spot where the cows lay, often made him think of the Resurrection hour.
Several of the field galloped to the spot where the fight was going on.
And so, upon a dark night near the head waters of the river he sought, he buried the treasure at the foot of a mighty buttress tree, and with his parang made certain cabalistic signs upon the bole whereby he might identify the spot when it was safe to return and disinter his booty.
My room is a neat little spot `off the parlor' -- just big enough for the bed and me.
The next instant she alarmed Agnes, by starting to her feet with a cry of terror, and pointing to a small brown spot on one of the white panelled spaces of the carved ceiling.
They found the body of old man Baker hanging by the neck from one of the beams of the bridge, immediately beneath the spot where the apparition had stood.