spot on

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spot on

Exactly right; perfectly accurate. Often hyphenated when used before a noun. Mr. Lynch's analysis of the company is spot on, if you ask me. I suggest we follow whatever advice he offers. Yes, those directions you gave me were spot on, thank you! Mark does a spot-on impression of our teacher—you have to hear it!
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Exactly right; precisely accurate or correct. Your guess was spot-on, Keith—everything turned out just like you said it would. Wait until you hear Sally's impression of the teacher—it's spot-on!
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spot on

completely accurate or accurately. British informal
2007 Clarissa Dickson Wright Spilling the Beans She advised her solicitors to give the money to my mother for me, as she believed my father would fail to pass it on to me. She was spot on.
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bang/spot ˈon

(informal) (of an estimate, a description, etc.) exactly right: She was bang on when she called him an idiot: that’s just what he is!Your sales estimate was spot on. Well done!
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