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make sport of (someone or something)

To ridicule, mock, or tease someone or something; to make fun of someone or something. I really don't appreciate you making sport of my disability like that. Don't make sport of your sister—you know how sensitive she can be!
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spectator sport

1. A sport that is watched by an audience, such as football or baseball. My favorite spectator sport is ice hockey, what's yours?
2. By extension, something other than sports that people watch without participating in. The Democratic and Republican National Conventions turn the presidential election into a spectator sport. Gym class is not a spectator sport! Stand up and start participating.
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(a) good sport

someone who can accept a loss in a competition or can accept being the butt of a joke. Bob is usually a good sport, but this time he didn't seem to appreciate your joke.
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make fun of someone or something

to ridicule someone or something. Are you making fun of me? I am making fun of your hat.
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sport of kings

horse racing. The sport of kings has sure impoverished a lot of commoners.
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sport with someone or something

to tease or play with someone or something. What a tease you are! You are just sporting with me! The dog was sporting with a turtle down by the stream.
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make fun of

Also, poke fun at; make sport of. Mock, ridicule, as in The girls made fun of Mary's shoes, or They poked fun at Willie's haircut, or I wish you wouldn't make sport of the new boy. The first term dates from the early 1700s, the second from the mid-1800s, and the third from the early 1500s.
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the sport of kings

horse racing.
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be a (good) ˈsport

(informal) be generous, cheerful and pleasant, especially in a difficult situation: She’s a good sport.Go on, be a sport (= used when asking somebody to do something for you).
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n. friend; chum. (A term of address.) Well, sport, looks like we have a little problem here.

make fun of

To mock; ridicule.
See also: fun, make, of
References in classic literature ?
As for the Good Sport, she was larger, blonder, and more exuberant than ever and she was addressing someone as 'Bill'.
Perhaps the most remarkable phenomenon of the evening, as it advanced, was the change it wrought in Lord Dawlish's attitude toward this same Good Sport.
It takes a good deal to daunt the New York dancing man, but the invasion of the floor by Bill and the Good Sport undoubtedly caused a profound and even painful sensation.
He was thus enabled to keep the Good Sport from falling and to assist Heinrich to rise from the morass of glasses, knives, and pats of butter in which he was wallowing.
It is the cowardly sport of a cowardly people," he said.
I have seen the bull slaughtered," said John Harned "I will now see the horse slaughtered, so that I may understand more fully the fine points of this noble sport.
Jim has given up that sport himself and confines himself to a little harmless duck- or snipe-shooting, or a little quiet trifling with the rats during the Christmas holidays, after which he will return to the University and try and not be plucked, once more.
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In the western region, which includes California, participation in traditional sports, including basketball and soccer, fell from 2000 to 2001, while activities like snowboarding gained in popularity in that period, according to data published by Sporting Goods Manufacturers' Association International, a trade group.
Historically, the fundamental measures of power manifested through sport have been the capacity to establish selective sports traditions; to define "legitimate" sports and appropriate meanings associated with them; and to institutionalize such preferences in rules and organizations.
Throw in football and except for 1988 Heisman Trophy winner Barry Sanders, black sports agents would be 0-for-30 in their bid to represent the cream of the crop.
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