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have sporting blood

1. To have a natural love of sports or athletics. This town has sporting blood in its veins, and the people here will gather together with unmatched enthusiasm to support all of their local teams.
2. To have an adventurous, risk-taking, and/or thrill-seeking personality or disposition; to be highly competitive or ready to accept a challenge. You have to have sporting blood to make it in this sort of cutthroat business, but the rewards are all the higher for it. I'm not one to rise up to the challenges of bullies, but my brother Seamus has sporting blood and backs down from no one.
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sporting chance

A very good possibility (of achieving success). I've seen him practice, and there's a sporting chance he'll win the competition.
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sporting blood

1. A natural love of or enthusiasm for sports or athletics. The sporting blood running through this town means the people here show an unmatched enthusiasm and loyalty for all of their local teams.
2. An adventurous, risk-taking, and/or thrill-seeking personality or disposition; exceptional competitiveness; readiness to accept a challenge. This business isn't meant for the timid. Only those with sporting blood have a real chance at success. I'm not one to stand up to bullies, but my brother has sporting blood and backs down from no one.
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sporting chance

a reasonably good chance. If you hurry, you have a sporting chance of catching the bus. The firm has only a sporting chance of getting the export order.
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sporting blood

Willingness to take risks, as in His sporting blood won't let him stay away from the races. This idiom uses sporting in the sense of "associated with gambling."
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sporting chance, a

A fair chance for success, as in She thinks she has a sporting chance for being named bureau chief. [Colloquial; late 1800s]
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a sporting chance

some possibility of success.
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a ˌsporting ˈchance

a reasonable chance of success: I know it’s going to be tough, but I think I’m in with a sporting chance of winning. OPPOSITE: not have a cat in hell’s chance
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Sportingly Better provides football betting tips, soccer predictions and fantasy football picks on a range of leagues and competitions from around Europe including the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Olympics and Euro 2012.
TJFA Under-11 Dormanstown 5 Saltburn 2 SALTBURN arrived with only eight players so Dormanstown sportingly fielded just eight players too.
Although a triple Group One winner herself and sportingly kept in training as a five-year-old by owner George Strawbridge, Moonlight Cloud is just as well known for getting as close as any horse ever managed to the wondermare Black Caviar in last year's Diamond Jubilee Stakes.
Watson sportingly went on to praise Ireland, despite his performance sinking their hopes.
The player, who sportingly took part in the school's drive to encourage more youngsters to pick up books, added: "I think I am a Reading Champion because I enjoy the fact you learn things from reading.
Sportingly he did, end of the 13th replayed for years by the BBC's Saturday Sports programme.
Then, on Peg 6, Simon 'Raps' Raper bizarrely caught the same fish but sportingly handed it to Blagbrough, effectively handing over the match at the same time.
Gasquet admitted it was difficult to play in the fading light but sportingly refused to blame that for his defeat.
THIS is the moment a worried Blues' supporter sportingly applauded Eduardo off the pitch at St Andrew's on Saturday after defender Martin Taylor had broken his leg with an accidental but late challenge.
Alex Benjamin scored three of his side's four goals, the first one when Nissan sportingly allowed him to go upfield unchallenged from the restart after Richard Hodgson had equalised for the Wearsiders in bizarre fashion.
HEXHAM angler Norman Tweddle may well have let a British record pass by as he sportingly returned a massive tope while fishing from Ian Burrett's On Yer Marks in Luce Bay.
Tennant, who doubles as Miss Aberdeen, collected a fistful of prizes, including use of a new Mini Cooper convertible from Betbrokers, whose spokesman Nigel Seeley sportingly, if a shade ungallantly, reports: 'We're delighted that Rachel won.
They sportingly kicked to touch and allowed the Aussies another chance to clean up their International Rules act.
Paul Harper crossed the line first in Sunday's Snowdonia Marathon in Llanberis, but sportingly conceded: "I haven't won.
I was under the impression he would ride Le Roi Miguel but Andy Stewart (Le Roi Miguel's owner) has sportingly agreed to allow Ruby to ride the champion chaser, '' Nicholls revealed.