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Similar to Red Mango's Fruit & Yogurt and Power Smoothies, which the company launched last summer, the new Spoonable and Mealworthy Smoothies are positioned as "quick and portable dining options.
Oat starch has been tested in spoonable dairy products and extruded cereals and snacks.
Thicken foods like yogurt or applesauce with some infant cereal to make them more spoonable.
The choice model coefficients are estimated using purchase records from the spoonable yogurt category.
Venezuela is one of the countries in the region with the lowest per capita consumption rates of yoghurt - a fact that indicates that both spoonable and drinking yoghurt has enough room to expand.
The company launched its Yogurisimo brand in a 960g pack in flavoured spoonable yoghurt as an economical option for consumers.
Snacks, for example, dominate the category, accounting for 20 percent of the high-protein food and drink new product launches in the United States in 2012, followed by meal replacement and other fortified drinks (17 percent), and spoonable yogurt (15 percent), Mintel notes.
The researchers said: "The UK infant food market mainly supplies sweet, soft, spoonable foods targeted from age four months.
Of the 479 items, 364 (79%) were ready-made spoonable foods and 201 (44%) were aimed at infants from four months.
Let the mixture out to a spoonable consistency by adding a little milk.
63 G CARBO (3 G FIBER); 119 MG SODIUM; 54 MG CHOL Strawberry frozen yogurt with balsamic syrup SERVES 12 | 1(1/4) HOURS, PLUS 5 HOURS TO FREEZE Buttery Pie Pastry (see page 81) 3 cups vanilla frozen yogurt, softened until easily spoonable 3/4 cup best-quality strawberry preserves (preferably whole berries) 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar 2tbsp.
activ/activ sub-brand on a cholesterol-lowering platform and then extended it into non-spread areas, particularly the dairy sector for a range of milks, spoonable yoghurts and active health drinks.
Add the milk to give a softer, more spoonable consistency and a little lemon juice to adjust the sweetness.
Benecol[R] Fruit & Dairy Smoothie is the latest addition to the Benecol[R] cholesterol lowering product range, which includes Yogurt and Dairy-Free Drinks, Spreads, Light Cream Cheese Style Spread and Spoonable Yogurts.