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spoon-feed (someone)

1. Literally, to insert food into another person's mouth. The nurses had to spoon-feed my mother after her stroke. No, my daughter is off the bottle now—we're spoon-feeding her.
2. By extension, to help someone excessively (usually to the recipient's detriment). Her students are lazy because she always spoon-feeds them the answers. The actress got so flustered in front of the camera that we had to spoon-feed her the lines. How unprofessional!

spoon-feed someone

Fig. to treat someone with too much care or help; to teach someone with methods that are too easy and do not stimulate the learner to independent thinking. The teacher spoon-feeds the students by dictating notes on the novel instead of getting the children to read the books. You mustn't spoon-feed the new recruits by telling them what to do all the time. They must use their initiative.
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Parents adopted either baby-led weaning (allowing infants to feed themselves) or spoon-feeding.
Babies who are introduced to spoon-feeding before they are able to bite and chew use suction to take food from the spoon (Naylor, 2001).
Provided basic safety rules are followed, self-feeding does not present any greater risk of choking than spoon-feeding
She has become combative during spoon-feeding attempts and has not had adequate nutrition for five days.
Besides their values, patients' preadmission living conditions are relevant to assessment of the policy's benefits and burdens because spoon-feeding may present a special indignity or may represent a loss of control or a failure, as they do for Mrs.
The study found those infants weaned using a baby-led approach had a better ability to stop eating when full, were less likely to overeat and were less likely to be 'fussy' eaters than those who had been weaned using spoon-feeding.
HOLLYWOOD hunk Brad Pitt was caught getting hot and heavy with Catherine Zeta-Jones - clearly her spoon-feeding him ice cream failed to cool his passion.
For most of the game, it was the Trojans spoon-feeding Pepperdine some of its own medicine, then adding a few homespun remdies for good measure.
Make no mistake, the troops dispatched to Somalia will not be spoon-feeding starving infants; they will be brandishing their weapons and, when they deem it necessary, firing them.
McIndel thinks spoon-feeding has both positive and negative consequences.
Thomas fumes that Jordan has been condescending, when ironically he can't detect the condescension from the circle of white men spoon-feeding him their ideology.
A bigger problem is that Hollywood has been spoon-feeding audiences far too long, and now it doesn't trust them to get it.
This is not the kind of movie experience from which you can demand a quick spoon-feeding or a tidy structure, though the skeleton that does emerge is surprisingly sturdy, given the challenge of Ondaatje's interior writing style.
Denis and the guy at the next table was reading a "Tintin" comic in its original French and a woman at another table was spoon-feeding soup to her terrier, that we weren't in the U.
Perhaps it's the ambiguity of certain scenes that throws off some American filmgoers who are accustomed to mainstream spoon-feedings.