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spoon-feed (someone)

1. Literally, to insert food into another person's mouth. The nurses had to spoon-feed my mother after her stroke. No, my daughter is off the bottle now—we're spoon-feeding her.
2. By extension, to help someone excessively (usually to the recipient's detriment). Her students are lazy because she always spoon-feeds them the answers. The actress got so flustered in front of the camera that we had to spoon-feed her the lines. How unprofessional!

spoon-feed someone

Fig. to treat someone with too much care or help; to teach someone with methods that are too easy and do not stimulate the learner to independent thinking. The teacher spoon-feeds the students by dictating notes on the novel instead of getting the children to read the books. You mustn't spoon-feed the new recruits by telling them what to do all the time. They must use their initiative.
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There was also a small increased risk when spoon-feeding very dry, lumpy purees that if given in too big a spoonful might get stuck in a baby's throat.
For example, although most mothers defined BLW based on the form of foods offered to infants (solid, whole), some mothers reported using a mixed-method approach--a combination of self-feeding whole finger foods and spoon-feeding purees by an adult.
Parents adopted either baby-led weaning (allowing infants to feed themselves) or spoon-feeding.
Babies who are introduced to spoon-feeding before they are able to bite and chew use suction to take food from the spoon (Naylor, 2001).
In this paper we compare unimanual prehension with two actions in which transport and grasp components are distributed over two effectors(1): spoon-feeding (Expt 1), and an intermanual prehension task in which an object is passed from one hand to the other (Expt 2).
The team recommended pureed food and spoon-feeding in a location with few distractions.
Traditionally, weaning a baby involves spoon-feeding pureed foods.
Researchers analysed two methods of weaning - baby-led weaning with finger foods versus traditional spoon-feeding by parents.
Examination pressure often obliges teachers towards simple spoon-feeding of large volumes of information.
This leads to spoon-feeding rather than the fostering of independence and a critical Fengagement with subject material," the report said.
Towering blonde Penny showed her devotion by spoon-feeding him ice-cream as he lay on a sun lounger.
The pair, soon to be seen in Channel 4's Celebrity Wife Swap, are pictured in bed in a state of domestic bliss in a photo shoot for Radio Times with Goody spoon-feeding cough medicine to Ingram.
For most of the game, it was the Trojans spoon-feeding Pepperdine some of its own medicine, then adding a few homespun remdies for good measure.
Make no mistake, the troops dispatched to Somalia will not be spoon-feeding starving infants; they will be brandishing their weapons and, when they deem it necessary, firing them.
Instead of the parent spoon-feeding the baby pureed foods, babies are offered a range of whole foods which they pick up and eat themselves.