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spoon-feed (someone)

1. Literally, to insert food into another person's mouth. The nurses had to spoon-feed my mother after her stroke. No, my daughter is off the bottle now—we're spoon-feeding her.
2. By extension, to help someone excessively (usually to the recipient's detriment). Her students are lazy because she always spoon-feeds them the answers. The actress got so flustered in front of the camera that we had to spoon-feed her the lines. How unprofessional!

spoon-feed someone

Fig. to treat someone with too much care or help; to teach someone with methods that are too easy and do not stimulate the learner to independent thinking. The teacher spoon-feeds the students by dictating notes on the novel instead of getting the children to read the books. You mustn't spoon-feed the new recruits by telling them what to do all the time. They must use their initiative.
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While it is relatively easy to persuade a baby to take more food than they really need if they are being spoon-fed, it is almost impossible to do this if they are feeding themselves.
Asked whether candidates were now spoon-fed the answers, William replied: 'Not quite spoon-fed, but guided, certainly, or helped along.
This false dichotomy is incessantly invoked by the White House, amplified by Fox News, and spoon-fed to the masses by shameless partisan radio shills such as the uncivil Michael Savage, the bombastic Rush Limbaugh, and the unimpressive Sean Hannity.
Without these questions, there might be little for deep discussion since readers are practically spoon-fed the book's message.
I think that's a really good tactic because a lot of young people today are spoon-fed and are not allowed to go through the growth stages that come with being responsible for your actions.
Although I shudder at having been spoon-fed Christianity, I've come to appreciate that reciting passages regularly transforms prayer into ritual, carrying us beneath familiar words towards deeper connectedness.
Such convenience accommodates both the lazy ones who want to be spoon-fed and the authorities who view themselves as far more capable than the laity of finding truth.
In this practical day and age, readers of this journal will find Reynolds's volume particularly useful as something to recommend to beleaguered souls who need to know something about naval history but can only accept it spoon-fed and in as few words as possible.
You weren't just going along with the "normal" crowd and accepting all the spoon-fed nonsense about how to think, act, look .
Of course, I write all of this from inside my very nice apartment, spoon-fed on freedoms, rich with opportunity.
The 6 o'clock news is no longer a collection of spoon-fed items but a tailored menu of news, thanks to the people at Zatso.
Family members who claim they may have no time or patience to browse through the pages of a brochure may prefer to have the information spoon-fed via video or the more flexible medium of the Internet.
Although the burden of being spoon-fed is somewhat reduced by its relatively short duration, its potential benefit is also reduced by the short duration of her aspiration risk reduction.
cz/en/about-animals/news/edwards-s-fig-parrot-hatched) photo of the Edward's Fig Parrot being spoon-fed by bird curator, Antonin Vaidl, at the Zoo Praha in Prague, shows the fragility and scale of the newborn bird.