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spook someone or something

to startle or disorient someone or something. A snake spooked my horse, and I nearly fell off. Your warning spooked me, and I was upset for the rest of the day.


1. tv. to frighten or startle someone or something. (see also spooked.) Something I did spooked the teller, and she set off the silent alarm.
2. n. a spy; a CIA (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency) agent. I just learned that my uncle had been a spook for years.

spook factory

n. the CIA (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency) near Washington, D.C., where spies are said to be trained. Tom got a job in the spook factory.
See also: factory, spook


mod. frightened or startled. The guy looked sort of spooked. He was sweating and panting like someone had scared him to death.
See also: spook
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But the Spooks brand, however many of its central characters are bumped off, is very much alive - which is not bad when you get to series nine.
The SpooK Shop will be in action today and Thursday, October 31, from 10am to 4pm.
In my readings of scenes from Spook, I argue that as Dixon and Greenlee's soldier-spy-militant tutors his soldiers (and viewers) about their new cause, new nation, and new selves, Spook presents not only a new representation, but also a new practice of blackness.
This dabbling with the powers of the dark, much to the disappointment and disdain of the Spook, sets the course of the book.
The old-time CIA spooks probably hate having to pander to the masses in such a manufactured-hip way.
you will be hooked immediately into the pages of Spook Rock.
Have a museum for all the stars in the main hallway," he said, referring to the Wall of Honor, a slab of white marble, emblazoned with anonymous black stars, each one memoralizing a spook killed on a mission, that adorns the lobby of CIA headquarters in Langley, Va.
Concho has a few things to learn about respecting your elders, just ask Spook.
Every town in America has a spook house or two that sprout up on Halloween, but the San Fernando Valley is disproportionately full of them, both the Christian kind that illustrate the wages of sin with tableaux of burning teenagers, and the secular ones, stranger still, produced by families as horror-movie renderings of their own psychopathic subtexts.
The Spook's Revenge concludes the series of 13 books about Tom Ward's apprenticeship to the county's Spook, a man responsible for protecting the county from boggarts, witches and a host of other creatures from the dark.
Red Button can assure them that Gill is real and has run the shop, which is also his home, for 36 years, without spotting a spook.
The Super Spook XT is the strongest, most-durable walk-the-dog topwater ever produced, says Heddon Lures.
There's no such thing here as an office whip-round or leaving speech on a spook's final day, because the spooks invariably die in a hail of flames or bullets and so don't get the chance to enjoy their gardens and retirement.
They claim that when deer come in they do not spook and sometimes even show interest.
This episode sees our hero, Thomas Ward, being trained by another Spook, whose methods are somewhat different to those he is used to.