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and spoof and card
in. to “fish” for passwords and personal information by trickery, on internet. (Sometimes by setting up a phony URL which people sign in to by giving their passwords or credit card numbers.) They must have been phishing to get my credit card number while I placed an order online.


See phish


1. n. a parody. The first act was a spoof of a Congressional investigation.
2. tv. to make a parody of someone or something. The comedian spoofed the executive branch by sitting in a big chair and going to sleep.
3. Go to phish.


and carding and phishing 1
n. stealing passwords and personal information on the internet. (see also phish for an explanation.) He set up an evil twin for spoofing at the coffee shop.
See also: spoof
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Ranbir spoofed SRK's DDLJ image by taking a leak on mustard field singing Tujhe dekha toh yeh jna Sanam , and mocked barechested, cleanshaven machismo by showing off a hairy chest.
Another advantage of SPF is that it rejects spoofed e-mails before they ever enter a corporate network.
When recipients open a digitally signed e-mail, a displayed symbol indicates that the message has not been forged or spoofed.
Also, the familiar unbroken key in the bottom corner of a browser doesn't mean users aren't being spoofed.
Pharming: Users are maliciously re-directed to spoofed sites while surfing the Web.
Z spoofed email addresses to suggest that the message was sent by the FBI or CIA and requested that the attachment be opened to verify charges brought against the email recipient.
Once a pharming attack is identified, the AFCC handles the attack similar to a phishing attack - it analyzes the attack, proactively shuts down the spoofed site, conducts forensics, deploys technical counter-measures and reports the results to the bank.
The Ally IP1000 prevents network reconnaissance, spoofed traffic, session hi-jacking, DNS cache poisoning, data leaks and protocol abuse - dynamically blacklisting computers when appropriate - with its patent-pending Tag-UR-IT(TM) and Plug and Protect(TM) (PnPro) technologies.
These tags, or fingerprints, contain special encoded information the Ally IP1000 uses to prevent network reconnaissance, spoofed traffic, session hi-jacking, DNS cache poisoning, data leaks, protocol abuse and zero-day attacks.
AirMagnet products first protected customers, such as hot spot providers and hotels, from spoofed wireless access points (APs) and similar attacks in 2002, which have recently come to be known as "evil twins.
In fact, each day more than three million spoofed e-mails are identified and blocked by IronMail because they have failed SPF checks, and never make it into end users' inboxes.
com's domain name and perpetrating phishing scams with spoofed Amazon.