sponge (something) off (of) (someone or something)

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sponge (something) off (of) (someone or something)

To beg for, borrow, or obtain something (usually money or food) as a handout from someone or something else. My brother's been sponging money off my parents ever since he dropped out of college. My roommate's nice, but she's always sponging food off of me, and I don't have the heart to tell her to stop.
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sponge something off of someone or something

 and sponge something off
to beg or borrow money or food from someone or a group. Please stop sponging food and money off your relatives! Stop sponging off food and money all the time!
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sponge off

1. To wipe or clean the surface of someone or something with or as if with a sponge: After dinner, I cleared all the dishes and sponged off the table. The blackboard was very dirty, so the teacher told me to sponge it off.
2. To live by relying on the generosity of someone else: He sponged off his parents for years because they never insisted that he get a job.
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and spunge
1. in. to drink heavily. She was sponging like there was no tomorrow.
2. n. a drunkard; a tippler. (see also blotter.) She was a spunge, and she wasn’t going to do anything about it.
3. n. a parasitic person. Here comes that sponge, Willy. Hide your wallet, pencils, glasses, and any clothes in his size.

sponge off someone

in. to live off someone; to take advantage of someone by taking food and shelter from them without compensation. Go get a job! Stop sponging off me!
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mod. thirsty. I gotta get a drink, man. I’m sponged!
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The UK is just Scotland, Wales and Ireland sponging off England.
All wealthy people that he didn't mind being associated with whilst he was sponging off them.
Taxpayers would surely agree that reducing the number of MPs to 600 would mean 50 fewer layabouts sponging off public money.
Earlier this week, the "Love & Hip-Hop" star posted a cryptic message to her page and seemingly accused someone of sponging off her fame.
Girls who brought profit to the UK THE abuse of little Madison Merrick is truly sickening, accusing her family of sponging off the National Health Service.
Walking up to a person at a meet and greet, he asked them: "So who are you sponging off?" It was just then he realised someone had stuck a mirror in front of him.
Sponging off the taxpayers - I don't know how you dare TWITTER CRITIC IN REPLY TO DEE'S TWEET BOAST
It has no place in our society outside the pages of a Victorian novel" Dr David Walker, Bishop of Manchester, who challenged Chancellor George Osborne's alleged view of a feckless underclass, sponging off the state
Cameron and Clegg tell us the country's ills are due to us all being lazy and sponging off the state.
After all this is paid out I don't have much left, but I feel I need to justify not sponging off the government.
Broken Britain could be fixed in an instant if n'er do wells stopped sponging off the state and summoned up just one ounce of the courage displayed by Clive Smith.
Mark Banks-Hobson was told by a judge at Teesside Crown Court six months ago to stop "sponging off the state" and make some money to compensate his victim.
Where once teenage girls looked forward to putting some money in their pockets, many now desire a fast-track to fame or an easy life, even if it means sponging off the State.
I was merely reacting to the all-too-prevalent lazy scapegoating of immigrants in this country, in this case, sponging off the Government.