sponge from

sponge something from someone

to beg or borrow money or food from someone. Gary tried to sponge a few bucks from me. I can't continue sponging food from my relatives.
See also: sponge

sponge something from something

to remove moisture from something, as with a sponge. Liz sponged the sauce from her blouse. We gently sponged the splattered paint from the carpet.
See also: sponge
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And fishing the remote from under the couch cushions rarely involves a six-figure settlement the way fishing the sponge from its peritoneal hiding spot can.
It is important to note that the second sample tested also produced the highest content of Pd in the sponge from the matte portion.
NILES, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 26, 1996--RMI Titanium Company (NYSE; RTI) announced today that the Department of Commerce has released its preliminary findings in a review undertaken at the request of RMI and others regarding an existing anti-dumping order on titanium sponge from Russia.