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The more there were, the more English would be spoken.
The villagers communicate almost as much by singing, whistling, and humming as they do with spoken words, he reports.
But the only alert you get that it's on or off is Excel's spoken message, so listen carefully.
This graph shows 13 of the most widely spoken minority languages in Russia by number of speakers.
More than a hundred languages are spoken daily in Canadian homes and on the streets.
The phrase "music-based literary form" helps define what today is called spoken word/performance poetry.
On the other hand, if the voice recognition software is unable to recognize and properly interpret the words spoken, users can become increasingly frustrated and concerned that they cannot accomplish their task.
For those unfamiliar with dictation software, it is a revelation to see your spoken word appear on the screen, as if by magic.
However, it must also be remembered that Creole is the unofficial language spoken by many, if not most, of the inhabitants of the Caribbean countries.
The audience will make their first impression solely on the way the speaker looks, even before hearing any spoken words.
The film also translates the written Italian words of the already-translated gospel into the spoken Italian words of the movie's actors, in a nearly word by word representation of dialogue from Matthew's story.
I have worked in Iran, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait and Bahrain and was able to learn quite a bit of each language spoken.