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He reported to his parents that he spoke both in Japanese and English to become a 'bridge' between his American classmates and the Japanese guests.
By 1980, the two outsiders spoke the native tongue well enough to field an intriguing proposal from villagers: to teach them to count and to read.
Most of his customers spoke little or no English, and he wanted to be one of the few Spanish-speaking employees who could help customers find just the right fish or direct them to canned vegetables.
The nation had been at war for a year when the Socialist leader Eugene Debs spoke in Canton, Ohio, outside a prison where three Sodalists were serving time for opposing the draft.
It was not until he spoke the magic phrase "customer service representative" that the system responded, "I will connect you with a customer service representative.
This theoretical research shows that an establishment of hub and spoke integration tend to lead to convergence of the hub country and spoke countries with higher income in their real incomes, while it will cause divergence from spoke countries with lower income.
Our group included 17 people from 14 countries on five continents, and all spoke at least two languages--except the three Americans.
She spoke of the history of her family business and the many challenges they have faced since 1973.
The choice of languages to be taught was not related to proximity to, or relationship with, the countries who spoke foreign language.
Charbonneau also had a partner--a mulatto who spoke both English and French.
I spoke English with my mother, French with my father, and Italian with my nanny," she recalls.
Responding to this need, the facility surveyed its 300-person staff and found that several staff members spoke a second language in addition to English.
You know, there aren't many people who speak Creole here, but I helped one customer who spoke the language, and they were instantly comfortable,'' said Sesay, whose accent warms every syllable.
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