spoil (one) rotten

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spoil (one) rotten

To cause one to expect to receive everything they want by always giving it to them. In this phrase, "rotten" is an intensifier. I think some grandparents believe it's their duty to spoil their grandchildren rotten.
See also: rotten, spoil

spoiled rotten

Fig. indulged in; greatly spoiled. This kid is spoiled rotten! I was spoiled rotten when I was a child, so I'm used to this kind of wasteful luxury.
See also: rotten, spoil

spoil somebody ˈrotten

(informal) give somebody everything they want or ask for: She spoils the kids rotten.
See also: rotten, somebody, spoil
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EASTENDERS, BBC1, 8pm KIM thinks she's got Ray right back where she wants him as she spoils him rotten at the B&B.
NOT only does Justin Timberlake get Cameron Diaz in stockings at Christmas, she spoils him rotten too.
Likes Polo mints; my secretary Wendy Bird, who used to ride him regularly and spoils him rotten.