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The buyer said in a statement it will integrate Victors & Spoils, which was established on crowdsourcing principles, into its Havas Worldwide business unit.
The rocky spoils dredged up during the construction of two Progress Energy channels and the now-defunct Cross Florida Barge Canal have become the de facto barrier between Crystal Bay and Withlacoochee Bay.
The natural weathering of the exposed spoils causes acidification and pollution of the waterways.
A second try from Davies, which replacement outside-half Thomas Smith converted, earned the visitors the spoils.
Ashley Moss and Matt Bell obliged as they both snatched the spoils on the final hole.
Organic mulches may therefore provide a successful alternative amendment for the revegetation of saline-sodic spoils in central Queensland.
This reviewer and her children highly recommends GRANDMA SPOILS ME by Mary H.
Most wines are analyzed before they go into a bottle, and those that are properly made and stored rarely spoil by way of vinegar.
One point I would add to the debate is that electoral reform goes furthest fastest when a third party spoils a major party.
I've observed, however, that reform goes furthest fastest when a third party spoils a major party.
Retitled The Spoils of Poynton, it was published as a book in 1897.
Tenders are invited for Contract for land fill disposal services for spoils, asphalt, and sewage contaminated spoils generated by the Water (AW) Department Pipeline Operations & Maintenance unit and Investigations and Rehabilitation unit.
The FX50 comes with a choice of four spoils tank sizes (from 300- to 1,200-gallon capacity) and four water tank sizes (80- to 500-gallon) to meet the requirements of virtually any size cleanout job.