spoil (one) rotten

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spoil (one) rotten

To cause one to expect to receive everything they want by always giving it to them. In this phrase, "rotten" is an intensifier. I think some grandparents believe it's their duty to spoil their grandchildren rotten.
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spoiled rotten

Fig. indulged in; greatly spoiled. This kid is spoiled rotten! I was spoiled rotten when I was a child, so I'm used to this kind of wasteful luxury.
See also: rotten, spoil

spoil somebody ˈrotten

(informal) give somebody everything they want or ask for: She spoils the kids rotten.
See also: rotten, somebody, spoil
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"The staff at the garden centre had feared they'd never see Oscar again and so are delighted he is back with them and are spoiling him rotten."
I call him my little fur baby and love nothing more than spoiling him rotten. He has more clothes than me.
The down-to-earth 23-year-old from Newcastle claims his mother is to blame for spoiling him rotten.
"Taylor's also the first grandson in the family, so both our parents are delighted and spoiling him rotten. All our other family are helping out as well, which is really great."
Stop feeling guilty - it won't have affected your relationship with your little boy unless you're now spoiling him rotten because you feel guilty and he's going to turn into a brat.
How about spoiling him rotten for a day, or let him sleep late for a weekend while you take the children out of the house?