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For years, people of Chitral have been complaining about short weight and supply of spoiled wheat to them by the Food Department.
A similar operation carried out Wednesday by the consumer protection unit of the Internal Security Forces sealed a warehouse in Bir Hasan, where a large amount of spoiled foods intended for local consumption was seized.
Spoiled is a band with attitude, but when it comes to being the best they can be they are not side-tracked by fame, rather they play because that is what they enjoy doing with their life, said drummer Mark.
The Spoiled Mama's customers are usually mothers or first-time pregnant women shopping for stretch mark solutions, pregnancy skin care products, postpartum skin care and breastfeeding care.
A media company for the mobile and tech-first millennial generation, spoiled Media is creating a platform to connect creators, consumers, and companies with compelling content and native advertising.
Across the UK, a total of 102,639 people spoiled their ballots in May, over 20,000 more than the election in 2010.
Do you ever wonder how some foods can last for months or even years sometimes without getting spoiled? Don't you find that disturbing?
KUWAIT, May 1 (KUNA) -- Over one ton of spoiled food with expired freshness dates was seized at a storage warehouse in the Al-Rayye district, announced here on Friday the Kuwait Municipality.
This will not be recorded (yet, but many of us are working on that point) but spoiled votes will be recorded and a high number of spoiled votes will ruin the old "we have a mandate" adage ...
RAK Municipality inspectors discovered the spoiled chicken products after an inspection of the man's canned-food processing factory early on this year.
The Myth of the Spoiled Child: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom about Children and Parenting debunks the downside of spoiling a child and points out the problems in approaches that are lean on rewards and affirmations, illustrating why it's more important to establish positive reinforcements for kids.
THE country will be pinning its hopes on clear skies after cloud cover spoiled 20C conditions yesterday.
Thank you to the two noisy and raucous women in row F of the grand circle who spoiled a family night out.
MAY I agree wholeheartedly with Janet Brown (Views of the North, April 11) with regard to the frustration of spoiled ballot papers.
Some companies currently are studying whether nanotechnology can be used in packaging to identify when food has spoiled or to even stop food from spoiling.