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It was further explained in the letter that original owners of the spoil banks area land had become aggravated and were agitating over delay in re-sale process as KPK government had issued NOC for re-sale of the spoil Bank land in 2006 and all most all land in KP province had been re-soled to their original land owners whereas matter for re-sale of spoil banks situated in the Punjab area was delaying due to non issuance of the NOC.
Spoil detection-based smart labels are used as color indicator smart labels, time and temperature indicator labels, carbon dioxide indicators, and others.
The rocky spoils dredged up during the construction of two Progress Energy channels and the now-defunct Cross Florida Barge Canal have become the de facto barrier between Crystal Bay and Withlacoochee Bay.
In order to isolate the mesophilic, chemolithotrophic, acidophilic bacteria of the genus Acidithiobacillus, 1 g of spoil sample was suspended in 100ml each of Starkey medium in Erlenmeyer (shake) flask.
I'm ready to have a child and lavish my love on our son and not spoil him but be there for him and to advise him.
However there were certainly no tactics in trying to spoil.
And then I feel even sadder because I realise that not only can I NOT spoil her but she might actually be relieved in two years time to escape from my attentions.
1 : to damage the character of by allowing too many things or not correcting bad behavior <Grandparents sometimes spoil a child.
REGARDING your article on Bersham's spoil tip in the Daily Post on July 30.
Stripping operations at many open-cut coal mines in central Queensland, Australia, result in spoil (waste rock) materials of Tertiary origin being deposited on the surface.
QI KNOW that grandparents are supposed to be able to spoil grandchildren a little.
Many parents feel that grandparents spoil their children.
RYAN Ennis has played football at weekends for most of his young life,but he says abusive parents spoil it for everyone.
We were not "frantically devising multiple formulas" to prove that Nader did not spoil the election, "no matter what.