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The chairman WAPDA also explained in his letter that maintenance and complete rehabilitation of the spoil bank land which was spread over 40 kilometers in the Punjab area had become difficult for the project authority due to lack of funds and other resource.
The use of spoil detection-based smart labels is an ideal way to detect the spoilage of food materials.
So on your next shopping trip, to determine whether or not you should buy certain products, look at expiry dates and buy the ones that spoil quickly.
So some dogs will be viewed as spoiled if we try to do things they don't enjoy and react in a way to inform us that they don't like what's happening.
FX50 -- Featuring outstanding suction and water pressure, the 49-horsepower FX50 is as versatile as it is powerful, and can be configured with choices of water tanks, spoils tanks and options, including a hydraulic boom and water heater.
I searched in the dark to no avail and found the animal the next morning, spoiled, buried beneath snow.
It really spoiled the atmosphere of what was a magical evening.
Two different composite dredged spoil samples were collected during sampling namely spoil 1 (matured spoil i.e.
Elton John said he was awe-struck at becoming a father for the first time, but said he hoped not to spoil his new baby boy.In a cover story and photo spread with celebrity magazine Us Weekly, the British singer and his partner David Furnish said they had used false names initially with the surrogate mother in the United States, but that she quickly "figured out who we were."
I keep thinking that I have just 48 months left to indulge and spoil The Girl before she starts nicking pillows and forks.
1 : to damage the character of by allowing too many things or not correcting bad behavior <Grandparents sometimes spoil a child.>
Stripping operations at many open-cut coal mines in central Queensland, Australia, result in spoil (waste rock) materials of Tertiary origin being deposited on the surface.
QI KNOW that grandparents are supposed to be able to spoil grandchildren a little.
Many parents feel that grandparents spoil their children.