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Each spoil was subjected to leaching processes using Acidithiobacilli inocula.
This reviewer and her children highly recommends GRANDMA SPOILS ME by Mary H.
Spoil detection-based smart labels monitor various factors of food material such as temperature, moisture, growth of micro-organism, and many others.
FX50 -- Featuring outstanding suction and water pressure, the 49-horsepower FX50 is as versatile as it is powerful, and can be configured with choices of water tanks, spoils tanks and options, including a hydraulic boom and water heater.
SMR's soil stabiliser transforms excavated spoil into material that can be used as base layers in road building.
As Roald Dahl put it in 1964 in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, "A girl can't spoil herself, you know.
The growth pattern of the mesophilic acidophile in both dredged spoil samples is similar, though the bacteria population in spoil 1 was generally higher.
Why is this spoil heap so important when there is already a spoil heap less than a mile away at Hafod, on which there has been considerable expenditure?
Director Francois Ozon is such a whiz that his wry, subversively sexy movies could spoil the hell out of us.
MIKE SMITH has one aim this weekend: he wants to spoil the Triple Crown party.
Draglines are used in most open-cut coal mines in Australia, with the result that landscapes after mining generally consist of a series of parallel spoil piles, with slope angles of approximately 75%.
It's impossible to spoil something that is already rotten to the core," he says.
22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A new transatlantic online study commissioned by Netflix has shown that social conventions rule the roost in the UK with less than 4%* of Brits believing that it's ok to spoil programmes for others, while for gung-ho Americans 76% say spoilers are a fact of life.
Washington, Sep 20 (ANI): Scientists have discovered that bacteria that cause pickles to spoil could also detoxify environmentally hazardous industrial dyes that pollute water.