split (one's) sides

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split (one's) sides

To laugh uproariously or hysterically. Your jokes are perfect for your speech tonight. You'll have them splitting their sides!
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split one's sides (with laughter)

Fig. to laugh so hard that one's sides almost split. (Always an exaggeration.) The members of the audience almost split their sides with laughter. When I heard what happened to Patricia, I almost split my sides.
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split one's sides

Also, laugh one's head off. Be extremely amused, laugh uproariously. For example, That comedian had us splitting our sides, or Jane laughed her head off when she saw Rob's costume. The first of these hyperbolic terms dates from about 1700.
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split your sides

be convulsed with laughter. informal
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split your ˈsides (laughing/with laughter)

laugh a lot; laugh loudly: When she started singing in that funny voice, we nearly split our sides.
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split one's sides

To laugh heartily.
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P Renton, Lydiate Fermenting Tonight IT'S that bountiful time of the year again, When all things growing free and natural, Are simultaneously coming back on tap, Wild blackberries are juice-laden and swollen, And apples are free-falling onto old Newton's head, Victoria's plums are splitting their sides laughing, At the half-drunken birds that have overfed.
He morphed into a professor of comedy at his recent solo show at the Warehouse Theatre and had the audience splitting their sides.
The comedy skits presented on the occasion by Remesh Pisharady, Dharmarajan and Sajan Pallurity had the audience splitting their sides with laughter.
What are the programme makers thinking of when they compile a show like this and fail to show Britain's greatest ever stand-up, who had them splitting their sides with the classic "incontinence pants" and "big slipper" routine?
And - as Cahill recovered from that shock - his chums were splitting their sides to help cheer him up.
The 200-plus guests at the exclusive event at Harvey Nichols in the Mailbox were splitting their sides as council leader Mike Whitby's speech recalled the "many intimate moments" he and Clive had shared in double bedrooms in exotic locations like Dubai.
Judging by the Ulstermen besieging radio phone-ins after the 1-0 home defeat to 10-man Canada, they must have been splitting their sides around Belfast way on Wednesday night.
But when it came to filming the cat-fight, Taylor and her fellow actress Josephine D'Arby were more likely to injure themselves by splitting their sides laughing, rather than receiving a black eye from a left hook.
Colleagues were splitting their sides laughing after sneaking a banana into his gun holster.
I reported on Wednesday that bookies couldn't split the sides before the first-leg qualifier - now punters who backed the Portuguese at prices up to evens to win on the night and 5-6 to go through are splitting their sides.
All the aliens were splitting their sides laughing.
The Rock With Laughter show had the audience splitting their sides as top comics took to the stage including Jimmy Carr, Jethro and Dudley's finest, Lenny Henry.
An impressive number of wine bottles littered his table and approaching 20 people were splitting their sides at his lamest of quips.
Judging by the long gaps after every gag, audiences were expected to be splitting their sides with laughter, but the only animal this calls to mind is a turkey.
Favourites such as 21 Ounces and Self Suicide had the audience singing along and splitting their sides.