split off

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split off

1. To detach, separate, or sever from some larger thing or piece. Groups of students split off to work on the project. A large chunk of rock split off from the side of the mountain and rolled down into the ravine.
2. To detach, separate, or sever something (from some larger thing or piece). A noun or pronoun can be used between "split" and "off." Split the tough, fibrous ends off of the asparagus stalks before you pop them in the oven. She split off a piece of chocolate for me.
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split something off (of) something

 and split something off
to sever connection with something; to separate from something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Dave split a piece of wood off the log to use for kindling. He split off a stick of wood.
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split off (from something)

to separate away from something; to sever connection with and separate from something. A large iceberg split off from the glacier and made an enormous splash. A giant chunk of ice split off and floated away.
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split off

1. To separate something; detach something: The babysitter split off a piece of fruit and shared it with the child. Before putting the flowers in water, I split the stem ends off.
2. To become separated from something: The political party split off from a broader coalition. As the temperature rose, a large section of the iceberg split off.
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Splitting off corporate assets to a shareholder's active children: J is the founder and majority shareholder of FDI Inc.
Laith Khalaf, senior analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, said: "Coffee shops and hotel rooms don't make natural bedfellows, so splitting off Costa Coffee from Premier Inn makes sense."
He has floated the idea that if the UK Labour party backs a hard Brexit the Welsh party should consider splitting off.
Sears Holding raised cash in the last two years by splitting off part of Sears Canada, its Orchard Supply hardware stores and the Hometown and Outlet Stores.
The Government hopes to boost the economy and revitalise RBS by refocusing it on UK corporate and retail banking, and believes splitting off its toxic assets could assist with this.
21 March 2013 a[euro]" French media conglomerate Vivendi SA (EPA:VIV) is mulling over splitting off its wireless telecom business SFR in a bid to zero in on its media operations, Bloomberg reported, quoting four people in the know.
Mr Castillo said Garcia is a military deserter who became a bodyguard for major drug cartel figures before splitting off to start his own crime organisation to sell drugs on the streets.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The only community college in the nation's capital is showing early signs of success after splitting off from the University of the District of Columbia.
Summary: Telecom Italia is working on securing a new investor, possibly from the Gulf, as well as on splitting off its fixed-line unit, a source close to the issue told Reuters on Wednesday.
in the Americas--is splitting off its licensing and product development operations into a new Global Consumer Products division.
BT has already proposed splitting off the parts of its business that offer access to its network, in an attempt to avoid the UK telecomms regulator, Ofcom, splitting its network and service business.
During the year Kingfisher completed its overhaul by splitting off Comet electricals division Kesa and taking full control of French operation Castorama.
They also have a more practical put pose: By splitting off from the larger GLBT groups, bisexual students say they have a better chance at taking leadership roles and taking on issues that are of more specific concern to them--like how to come out as bisexual and how to deal with the unique dating challenges bisexuality poses.
(TSE:6501)(NYSE:HIT) recently announced its decision to reconstruct the Display Group by splitting off the group as a separate company in October 2002.
Similar items have been grouped together, and the main booklets have been sub-divided into three instead of the previous two, effectively splitting off an intermediate booklet of pilot and small production plant.