split with

split with (one)

1. To share or divvy up something with one. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "split" and "with." The portions are really huge here, so I'm just going to split an entrée with Mary. He agreed to split the earnings evenly with his partner.
2. To end a romantic relationship with one. I heard you split with your boyfriend—I'm so sorry to hear that! Martin says that he split with Sarah, but they've had such an on-again-off-again relationship that none of us is surprised anymore.
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split someone or something with someone or something

to divide someone or something with someone or a group of people. I will split the campers with you. You lead your half on the hike, and I will lead my half. Will you split your candy bar with me?
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References in classic literature ?
The ice did split with a thunder-fit; The helmsman steered us through!
The company's board has resolved on the timetable for the reverse split with the last day for trading in the Anoto share prior to the reverse split being 2 October 2017 and the first day for trading in the Anoto share after the reverse split being 3 October 2017, which means that the share price as from this date will reflect the effects of the reverse split.
If you hit a piece of wood you can't split with a maul strike, you have several choices.
It takes 50-strokes to split a piece, but I have never met a piece I couldn't split with it.
Split Guard -- take a 12-inch split with toes at center's heels, and pull straight down the line, looking for the FB's tail.
One other buy-in calculation was based on market capitalization, and another on residual profit split with a "comparable acquisitions check." These last two cases suggest creative developments that may prove helpful in an increasingly technology-based market environment.
Douglas-fir is straight-grained and literally pops off the chopping block when split with a maul.
Arcam AB (STO:ARCM.ST) announced today that, at the Extra General Meeting held on 6 December 2013, the company's shareholders decided upon a split with conditions 4:1, under which one share is replaced by four shares.
Columns B, C, and D provide the variable means for the non-split subsample, split with one notch subsample, and split-with-more-than-one notch subsample, respectively.
In unreported results, we find that out of the 1,779 observations in our sample, 318 bond issues have different letter ratings from Moody's and S&E Of those split at the letter level, 205 are split with one notch (for example, BBB+/A-), and 113 are split with more than one notch (for example, BBB+/A).
Second, BBB-rated bonds can be split with either a higher or a lower rating, while AAA-rated bonds can only split with a lower rating.
This negative effect is not surprising since AAA can only split with a lower rating, but BBB bonds can split with either a higher or a lower rating.
Figure 1 reports the percentage of split-rated bonds several years after the initial issuance for three subsamples: 1) initial non-split-rated bond, 2) initial split with one notch, and 3) initial split with more than one notch.