split with

split someone or something with someone or something

to divide someone or something with someone or a group of people. I will split the campers with you. You lead your half on the hike, and I will lead my half. Will you split your candy bar with me?
See also: split
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OTC:USTI) announced today that its Board of Directors has unanimously approved a reverse/forward stock split with the intended goal of facilitating a going private transaction.
Shareholders will receive a letter from the Company's transfer agent shortly after the date of the Company's reverse and subsequent forward split with further instructions on the transaction.
The Company already has enough shares to perform the split with 15 million shares authorized and only 6.
AXP Takes the Initiative, Setting 3:1 Split With Announcement of
Broadcom Corporation Declares 2:1 Stock Split With News of Earnings
Internet Powerhouse - CMGI Announces 2:1 Stock Split With Earnings
2 million after the split with an increased float of 5.
24th, The Right Line Split Report presented to their subscribers that they anticipated that eBay (EBAY) would announce a split with their earnings report.