split the ticket

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split the ticket

To vote for candidates from more than one political party for different roles in public office. It has become increasingly uncommon for voters to split the ticket by voting for candidates from both parties.
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split the ticket (or your vote)

vote for candidates of more than one party. US
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split the ˈticket

(American English, politics) vote for candidates from more than one party: Election officials are reminding voters that they may ‘split their ticket’ in the November election, unlike a state primary election.
See also: split, ticket
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They decided to split the ticket and split the difference.
Vanags explained that what airBaltic does differently from traditional carriers such as Lufthansa is that they split the ticket cost into different items.
In addition, why was only one ticket office in Trinity Road used, when you could have split the ticket issue (alphabetically perhaps) between all three outlets?
Ask most Americans which news organization is the most ubiquitous and influential in Washington, and they'll probably name The Washington Post or perhaps split the ticket with CNN.
HAnd split the ticket allocation down the middle with no slack being cut for the folk in the posh seats