split sides

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split (one's) sides

To laugh uproariously or hysterically. Your jokes are perfect for your speech tonight. You'll have them splitting their sides!
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split one's sides (with laughter)

Fig. to laugh so hard that one's sides almost split. (Always an exaggeration.) The members of the audience almost split their sides with laughter. When I heard what happened to Patricia, I almost split my sides.
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This season his company will perform a repertory representing 50 prolific years, including the new work Split Sides and How to Pass, Fall, Kick, and Run, a 1965 work with music by Cunningham's longtime partner, John Cage.
WHY would a joke that can split sides in the north produce only a stony silence in the south?
I'm pleased to hear Donald Dewar is suffering from nothing more than split sides.
He currently gives speeches and seminars that touch hearts and split sides.
The two bands actually worked together on the soundtrack for a theatrical dance piece called Split Sides, which was performed in New York back in 2003.