split off

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split off

1. To detach, separate, or sever from some larger thing or piece. Groups of students split off to work on the project. A large chunk of rock split off from the side of the mountain and rolled down into the ravine.
2. To detach, separate, or sever something (from some larger thing or piece). A noun or pronoun can be used between "split" and "off." Split the tough, fibrous ends off of the asparagus stalks before you pop them in the oven. She split off a piece of chocolate for me.
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split something off (of) something

 and split something off
to sever connection with something; to separate from something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Dave split a piece of wood off the log to use for kindling. He split off a stick of wood.
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split off (from something)

to separate away from something; to sever connection with and separate from something. A large iceberg split off from the glacier and made an enormous splash. A giant chunk of ice split off and floated away.
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split off

1. To separate something; detach something: The babysitter split off a piece of fruit and shared it with the child. Before putting the flowers in water, I split the stem ends off.
2. To become separated from something: The political party split off from a broader coalition. As the temperature rose, a large section of the iceberg split off.
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The net value of assets and liabilities that Corporation B received is larger than the net value of assets and liabilities Corporation A received in the split off. A loan from Corporation B to Corporation A has been executed in the amount of $100,000 for the difference in values that Corporation B received compared to Corporation A.
A four-hectare tract of land that was part of Russian territory split off in June and floated over the border before getting stuck near high-voltage lines.
Several cars were damaged during the protest in Luton, Beds, after a small group of people split off from the march.
Tokyo, Feb 17, 2009 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu Limited today announced that it will split off its optical modules business and merge the business into its wholly owned subsidiary, Fujitsu Optical Components Manufacturing Limited, through a simple absorption-type separation, as of April 1, 2009.
Although the announcement has caused a stir in the French scientific community, the CNRS's nuclear physics and space programs were split off into autonomous institutions in the mid-1980s.
One reference (Wikipedia) mentioned that the Arabian plate split off from the African about 35 million years ago, but this detail has since been removed from Wikipedia.
The chain, which has 650 outlets, was acquired two years ago by Icelandic buyout specialists Baugur, and split off from the Big Food group.
It was then taken private by Icelandic investment group Baugur in 2005 and split off from the supermarket chain.
Worcestershire County Council's St Chads division in Wyre Forest was defended by the Liberal Party, a group which split off when Liberal Democrats were formed in the merger with Social Democrats in 1988.
In the interim, portions of the original benefits package sponsored by Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee Chairman were split off and cleared, then repackaged to include a number of bills from the House and Senate.
The announcement comes seven months after Toys R Us announced they were seeking to split off their struggling toy business from the smaller, but more lucrative, Babies R Us division.
But perhaps it is the other way around: The literally real and yet wholly conceptual space named "517" is the id of 515, split off and exposed.
Then, on the way back down a couple hours later, people split off again in the exact same spot, as if that were the only place on the mountain where they were allowed to relieve themselves!