split off

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split something off (of) something

 and split something off
to sever connection with something; to separate from something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Dave split a piece of wood off the log to use for kindling. He split off a stick of wood.
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split off (from something)

to separate away from something; to sever connection with and separate from something. A large iceberg split off from the glacier and made an enormous splash. A giant chunk of ice split off and floated away.
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split off

1. To separate something; detach something: The babysitter split off a piece of fruit and shared it with the child. Before putting the flowers in water, I split the stem ends off.
2. To become separated from something: The political party split off from a broader coalition. As the temperature rose, a large section of the iceberg split off.
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The split off is intended to better enable Liberty Media to raise capital on its own, use its stock as currency in acquiring, merging or partnering with other companies and help the public markets to better value the company.
Sometime more than 55 million years ago, the artiodactyl ancestors of whales and hippos split off from other groups that would lead to camels, pigs, deer, and cows.
The team eventually split off from Pinecrest School, and opened to youngsters who were not Pinecrest students.
Traces of animals don't appear in the fossil record until less than 600 million years ago, but scientists are currently debating whether animals split off from other eukaryotes far earlier in time.
Lilly split off five device companies, including Origin, to form Guidant Corporation in 1994.
Leaders of all eight cities and the Valley have agreed to a joint powers deal that would let them split off 27 existing bus routes and begin to expand service for the 2.
During the Cretaceous period, South America had no land connection to North America and had started to split off from Africa, circumstances that allowed its dinosaurs to evolve independently.
Valley Village split off from Van Nuys in 1991, and Valley Glen joined it this year.
TSE:6581) today announced that it would split off its printer business using the corporate split provisions of the Japanese Commercial Code.
in turn spawned a new generation of funds as individual partners have constantly split off from established firms to found their own shops.
But now, movements have sprung up to split off regions from the city and county.
The Company further understands that consummation of the settlement will be subject to various conditions which are still being discussed, but will include the requirement that the parties receive a ruling from the Internal Revenue Service that the transaction will be treated as a tax free split off for federal income tax purposes.
1 was the day we officially split off from the Lancaster station,'' said Capt.
NYSE:HIT)(TSE:6501) today announced that it will split off the company's Consumer Products Group and Industrial Components & Equipment Group.
Gohar Sirounian, who was born in Armenia before it split off from the former Soviet Union and became an independent republic, said she encouraged her two sons to take part in the games.