split off

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split off

1. To detach, separate, or sever from some larger thing or piece. Groups of students split off to work on the project. A large chunk of rock split off from the side of the mountain and rolled down into the ravine.
2. To detach, separate, or sever something (from some larger thing or piece). A noun or pronoun can be used between "split" and "off." Split the tough, fibrous ends off of the asparagus stalks before you pop them in the oven. She split off a piece of chocolate for me.
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split something off (of) something

 and split something off
to sever connection with something; to separate from something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Dave split a piece of wood off the log to use for kindling. He split off a stick of wood.
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split off (from something)

to separate away from something; to sever connection with and separate from something. A large iceberg split off from the glacier and made an enormous splash. A giant chunk of ice split off and floated away.
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split off

1. To separate something; detach something: The babysitter split off a piece of fruit and shared it with the child. Before putting the flowers in water, I split the stem ends off.
2. To become separated from something: The political party split off from a broader coalition. As the temperature rose, a large section of the iceberg split off.
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The Company will split off its in-house company, Industrial ICT Solutions Company, and merge it into Toshiba Solutions Corporation, which is responsible for construction work related to the ICT solutions business and holds special construction business licenses.
For the Outline of the Corporate Split, Overview of Transferor and Successor Companies, Overview of Business Divisions to Be Split Off and further details, please see www.
The management has said that there are plans to split off SAS Cargo from 1 January next year, but SAS employees fear that the cargo division could then be sold abroad.
Born in 1936, Raysse, at a very young age, encountered Arman and Yves Klein and joined the Nouveau Realisme movement from which he later split off to develop a personal notion of reality he dubbed "Hygiene de la Vision" (Vision hygiene).
Because of disputes between A and B, it is decided to split off X to A.
By looking for particular examples of these copies in specific sites of the genome, researchers can determine when various species split off from related ones.
According to the prevailing theory, birds split off from the dromaeosaurid line sometime in the Jurassic period, more than 150 million years ago.
Traces of animals don't appear in the fossil record until less than 600 million years ago, but scientists are currently debating whether animals split off from other eukaryotes far earlier in time.