split in

split in (number or fraction)

1. To divide cleanly or evenly into some number or fraction of a whole. The mirror toppled over and split in three. OK, I want the class to split in eighths and come up with five different ways that energy is produced.
2. To divide someone or something cleanly into some number or fraction of a whole. With one mighty swing of his magical axe, the mighty Titan split the entire mountain in two. He split the pizza in six so everyone could have a slice.
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split in something

to divide into a certain number of groups. (The something can be half, thirds, two, quarters, etc.) Lightning struck the big tree and the trunk split in half. The vase dropped and split in quarters.
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The IRS's strategy appears to be to continue litigating the issue until there is a split in the circuits, inviting Supreme Court review.
Certiorari was granted because of the split in the circuit courts that is reflected in the cases contained in endnote 2.