divide fifty-fifty

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divide (something) fifty-fifty

To split something evenly between both parties. I promised the kids that I would divide the last cookie fifty-fifty. Because you helped me so much with the yard sale, I want to divide the profits fifty-fifty.
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divide something fifty-fifty

 and split something fifty-fifty
to divide something into two equal parts. (The fifty means 50 percent.) Tommy and Billy divided the candy fifty-fifty. The robbers split the money fifty-fifty.
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The vote was split fifty-fifty between Germany and England.
All the Luke and Noah sites are split fifty-fifty between straight women and gay men and lesbians," says 21-year-old hetero site cocreator Nicole Lafferty.
But with construction underway on 217 units split fifty-fifty between affordable housing and housing for the homeless, along with the construction of 14 market-rate luxury townhouses, all involved in financing, development, design and construction at the improbable site hope to overcome the many challenges and achieve their goals, which for the property owners means making a profit using an unorthodox formula.
The store employs about 650 people - roughly split fifty-fifty between part-time and full-time employees.
It's all done as a gentleman's agreement on a handshake - and after I've paid for all the recording, packaging, publicity, etc , the profit from sales is split fifty-fifty with my share being spent on making new records,' says this son of a docker who left school at 14 and whose first job was as an office boy at the old Liverpool Stock Exchange: 'It was a madhouse but gave me a good grounding for what was to come.
The four-wheel drive sector, with sales of 13,431 units, was split fifty-fifty between domestic and foreign models.
He said views seem to be split fifty-fifty over whether the BOJ's Policy Board will next Monday decide to abandon its policy of guiding the overnight call key rate to zero.
Although people tend to avoid marrying others who have less to offer than themselves, the model indicates when contributions in marriage will not be equal and when spouses will not split fifty-fifty.
The market is split fifty-fifty over whether the Dow will fall and put downward pressure on the dollar," the dealer said.