split between

split between (two or more people or things)

1. To be undecided or uncommitted between two or more options or possibilities. I know Kevin is split between becoming a doctor or pursuing a career in art. I'm really split between these two styles for the wallpaper in the living room.
2. To share or divvy up something between two or more people or things. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "split" and "between." The portions are really huge here, so Mary and I are just going to split a single entrée between us. We're already splitting a very thin budget between five different departments, so I don't see how the company will afford a sixth.
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split something between (someone and someone else)

 and split something between (something and something else)
to divide something between two people or things. The cook split the last of the pie between Jane and Carla. We have to split the copies of the reports between the two committees.
See also: between, split
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The premium payments and policy benefits are split between two parties -- in this case, the company and the executive.
That's because his liability is determined by the PS 58 table in the tax code, which defines the economic value of life insurance split between an employer and an employee.