split between

split between (two or more people or things)

1. adjective Undecided or uncommitted between two or more options or possibilities. I know Kevin is split between becoming a doctor or pursuing a career in art. I'm been feeling really split between these two styles for the wallpaper in the living room.
2. verb To share or divvy up something between two or more people or things. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "split" and "between." The portions are really huge here, so Mary and I are just going to split a single entrée between us. We're already splitting a very thin budget between five different departments, so I don't see how the company will afford a sixth.
3. verb To occupy or create a space between two or more people or things. The road splits between the borders of the two countries, existing in a legal gray area outside either one. A large curtain split between the two groups of students, ensuring that neither side could see what the other was doing.
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split something between (someone and someone else)

 and split something between (something and something else)
to divide something between two people or things. The cook split the last of the pie between Jane and Carla. We have to split the copies of the reports between the two committees.
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The banking and financial services sector, which comprises 13 listed constituents, is the first to implement the stock split between June 9 and June 16.
In the one-minute "Epic Christmas Split," Norris took up the challenge and performed his own split between two jumbo jets in the sky.
Copeland's sample, however, comprises only 25 NYSE firms that split between 1963 and 1974.
Testing for Differences in Changes in Relative Bid-Ask Spreads between Groups Difference Difference in Means in Medians Split between between Wilcoxon-z Groups Groups (%) Groups (%) t-Stat 1-2 -2.53 2.72 2.66 *** 3.38 *** 2-3 5.76 7.58 6.35 *** 8.19 *** 3-4 14.31 12.78 6.70 *** 6.92 *** 1-4 21.60 23.08 9.75 *** 8.71 *** Panel C.
Zabel: In Zabel, 995 FSupp 1036 (DC NE 1998), a trust's income was split between charitable and noncharitable beneficiaries, with the remainder to a charity.
Maintaining a hierarchical split between spirit and body diminishes our humanity and denies the gospel of the abundant life.
In 1911, the psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler invented the term schizophrenia from Greek "schizo" meaning "split," and "phrenia" meaning "mind" to convey the split between perception and reality.
To give a rough sense of the philosophical split between the camps, Mallet describes the different types of events that these groups have enthroned as the main force that cleaves one species into two.
The premium payments and policy benefits are split between two parties -- in this case, the company and the executive.
That's because his liability is determined by the PS 58 table in the tax code, which defines the economic value of life insurance split between an employer and an employee.
The second variable, SPLIT LEVEL, captures the degree of rating split between the S&P and the Moody's.
By this means a pension or profit-sharing plan can be split between spouses without tax or penalty.
An evolutionary tree reconstructed from the microsatellite evidence shows an initial split between Africans and non-Africans, the researchers contend.
The daily CRSP files are used to identify all firms on the New York Stock Exchange or Amex that had a stock split between January 1990 and December 1994.
For each observation, we also compute the difference in the percent growth in assets in the year prior to the split between the splitting funds and the growth-control-matched fund.