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splinter off (of) (something)

 and splinter off (from something)
[for a bit of something] to tear off or separate from something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) A piece of wood splintered off of the oar and dropped into the water. A tiny bit splintered off and stuck in my hand.
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splinter group

A part of an organization that breaks away from the main body, usually owing to disagreement. For example, Perot's supporters at first constituted a splinter group but soon formed a third political party . This idiom alludes to the noun splinter, a fragment of wood or some other material that is split or broken off. [Mid-1900s]
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The Huntington Beach Pier's splintery wood pilings have been replaced by concrete.
Even though this is in fact a splintery wooden dock which shifts with the movement of the water below it, Alice can still feel herself sinking.
It's an urban village, a squatter's camp, a smoke-filled bowl of shanties built of rusty corrugated metal, grey splintery planks, cinderblock, cement.
When she pulls the splintery loose planks out of the cellar and imagines herself as a rescuer of children trapped in the house, it's a symbolic struggle to rescue herself.
Playwright Ben Jonson -- a tankard-hoisting buddy of Shakespeare's -- called such experiences "timber": the splintery beginning of literary constructions.
These old reliables have been upgraded from the round, hard, splintery picks that are a standby in some restaurants, to flatter, round-tipped versions that soften in contact with saliva, massage gums, and remove trapped debris.
Once the veneer factory closed and the moisture and termites turned the last few logs left in the lumberyard to splintery mush, everything started to deteriorate.
They are commonly massive-bedded, blocky and splintery, though in places are interlaminated with thin, red, maroon, dark grey and dark green siltstone layers to form shales.
And, at the risk of acquiring a splintery backside, it would be no surprise to see a repeat on Saturday afternoon.
A large percentage of the spherical groups are quite splintery, readily breaking apart into sharp needles.
Looking about, Welles finds "a gray and splintery chunk of two-by-four about three feet long in the ditch by the road.
The former is represented by a huge pile of dark gray splintery shales showing frequently fine laminations and the later group which lies conformably above the Disangs with a gradational transition is represented by light brownish gray, fine to medium grained sandstones often interbedded with brown to dark gray shales.
As Allen Moyer's inventive set morphs from sleek elegance to splintery squalor in act two, Ebersole steps into the role of 56-year-old Edie, and the wonderful Mary Louise Wilson takes over as the aged Edith.
When four lanes of the 405 Freeway have to slow down to 20 mph to negotiate the splintery pieces of a wooden pallet, it's going to radiate for miles and miles.
Particular attention was given to describing the failure surface, which ranged from splintery to brash.