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splinter off (of) (something)

 and splinter off (from something)
[for a bit of something] to tear off or separate from something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) A piece of wood splintered off of the oar and dropped into the water. A tiny bit splintered off and stuck in my hand.
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splinter group

A part of an organization that breaks away from the main body, usually owing to disagreement. For example, Perot's supporters at first constituted a splinter group but soon formed a third political party . This idiom alludes to the noun splinter, a fragment of wood or some other material that is split or broken off. [Mid-1900s]
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Splintered, which was created by Manchester-based Not A Number, has been screened at film festivals but will get an official cinema release in July.
As an example of his technique, Wiedenhoeft describes working with a Texas crime lab last year in studying a splintered pool cue that had been used on someone's skull.
It is suggested that, in Splintered Urbanism, architecture, 'will rest less on Le Corbusier's dictum "the magnificent, skilful art of pure volumes bathed in light" (sic) than on the organization of programmes and process; in a city which depends equally on the programmatic activation of its voids as much as the maintenance of its built volume; a city represented by an architecture that is less and less material; and architecture that is primarily process and secondary fragments'.
Splintered plywood, soiled diapers, old tires, signs, shoes, drywall fragments, a water heater, a mattress and other debris were scattered among the creosote bushes at 120th Street East and Avenue R.
Worse, the wood spanners often splintered and broke when work crews tossed them to the ground.
A splintered stage at Stratford's Civic Hall is to be replaced because it poses a danger to barefoot dancers.