splice to

splice (something) to (something else)

To join something to something else by binding, adhering, or interweaving the end points. I bought some new wire and spliced it to the old one at the point where it had been severed. In the old days, film editors had to physically cut up the filmstrips and splice them to one another.
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splice something (in)to something

to connect something to something; to cut and join something into something to connect the two. The workers spliced the small wires into the main cable. Let's splice this rope into the larger one at the halfway point.
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Matt Leach of V7 said: "We are delighted to welcome Splice to 101 and to Cardiff.
To make splicing easier, each manufacturer also had available a special splice to replace the original splice, and a pair of splicing pliers.
After locating it, he cut out the splice to separate the wire.
A sufficient amount of material is stored in the pneumatic accumulator/dancer assembly to enable a zero speed splice to be completed at line speeds to 250 FPM.
Additionally, the splice manufacturer switched the material for the splice to phosbronze, which would stand up to the expected corrosive conditions.