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splatter up (something)

1. To splash or spatter up the length of something. Mud splattered up my pantlegs during the hike. The storm kept getting worse, and huge roiling waves splattered up the sides of the cliffs.
2. To cause some liquid splash or spatter up the length of something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "splatter" and "up." Be careful out there—you're splattering mud up the side of the house! The bacon splattered grease up the wall behind the stove as it cooked in the pan.
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splatter someone or something up

to cover someone or something with drops of a liquid. The painter splattered his coworker up with both red and blue. Don't splatter up the wall!
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If you drag parallel to the joists, the knife might bridge troughs between joists, leaving some splatters untouched.
The trouble is that the ceiling should be decorated before the rest of the room, because of splatters and drips, so if it's just the ceiling that needs attention, you'll have to decorate with care.
This pumps the paint from the tin to the roller via a tube, so there''s almost no chance of drips and splatters. If the ceiling''s less than perfect, make sure you use a matt paint because one with a sheen will highlight the imperfections.
He was later identified after a blood splatter was forensically analysed.
Calame's apologists have invoked art movements and artists ranging from Process art to Conceptualism, from Arp and Rauschenberg to Smithson and Pollock, to illuminate the meaning of the artist's flat, splattered paintings.
The students in animal masks at the start of their fun run (above)' Stacey Clark with a rescued cockatoo (left), and Rob Wilkes splatters a custard pie into the face of tutor Maggie Friswell.
Plug sockets and a till covered in dried blood splatters.
The lowly raindrop that splatters on the ground may have an origin far loftier than the clouds.
The flatness of the first images dissolves into energetic splatters and dried, cracked patches: a paint surface so fascinating that what previously seemed a unified whole now seems about to fall apart entirely, all that stillness broken up into a crackling maze of near-biological complexity.
We saw paintings commingling Abstract Expressionist gestures and splatters, body prints, serial imagery, and comic and newsprint collages, as well as works that play through reductivist, materialist and informel agendas.
In Floor Painting, 1993, he covered the gallery floor with an extravaganza of splatters, drips, and pours in three shades of gray enamel with obvious reference to you know who.
Pictured, LS splatter print on stretch chambray shirt, PS65, WHO couldn't do with a bit more energy these days?