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splatter someone or something up

to cover someone or something with drops of a liquid. The painter splattered his coworker up with both red and blue. Don't splatter up the wall!
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March 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Cooking is fun; cleaning is not - this observation has inspired a series of Swiss-designed cooks' tools that prevent splatters and simplify cooking.
The next step was to drip, pour, and splatter paint over the entire surface of the tagboard.
A CROOK who left blood splatters at a house said he wouldn't have committed the burglary if he had known about the "three-strike rule".
Anti-government protesters are donating their own blood as part of a plan to splatter the Thai government headquarters in a symbolic sacrifice to press their demands for new elections.
Two samples of bug splatter were collected, the first after driving from Pennsylvania to Connecticut, and the second after traveling from Maine to New Brunswick, Canada.
Rob Wilkes was one of the students who happily forked out pounds 1 to splatter a pie in Mrs Friswell's face.
We bought six tins of emulsion and our manager took 90 minutes to splatter us with paint to get the Roses' look.
They are joined by a pair of blindly searching women; the stage begins to fill with constantly reconfiguring duets, trios, and arching chains that splatter at the impact of the touch of a finger.
62x39mm slugs fired from an AK-47 can splatter a watermelon, apparently depending on the melon's ripeness and other variables.
Another disadvantage of the ohmmeter method is that normally there is splatter of melt material at the top of the furnace lining.
The collection incorporates distressed textures, splatter paint and text and script writing.
Splatter Effect, the satirical Webzine of contemporary topics, has bestowed its first American Superior Satire (A.
Presaging the ascension of Frankie and Annette by one year, this 1962-set farce throws Beach Party, The Three Faces of Eve, and slasher films into a blender and lets the results splatter with come-what-may loopiness.
Unlike auto-retractable syringes, SharpShield does not cause blood splatter upon activation or removal.
EMULSIONS were running high as housemates lined up to splatter Vinnie Jones with paint yesterday.