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splatter up (something)

1. To splash or spatter up the length of something. Mud splattered up my pantlegs during the hike. The storm kept getting worse, and huge roiling waves splattered up the sides of the cliffs.
2. To cause some liquid splash or spatter up the length of something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "splatter" and "up." Be careful out there—you're splattering mud up the side of the house! The bacon splattered grease up the wall behind the stove as it cooked in the pan.
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splatter someone or something up

to cover someone or something with drops of a liquid. The painter splattered his coworker up with both red and blue. Don't splatter up the wall!
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Combining a splatter effect design with contemporary wood, the Ines collection by Oliver Bonas includes a cake stand,PS29, salad bowl, PS16, platter, PS22, and cheese board, PS18.
The billboards targeted have had red paint splattered on the candidates' faces, which is believed to be part of an opposition campaign to label those contesting the election as "vampires".
Knocking down the splatters later will greatly increase the area that the mix covers.
But if you've seen one low-budget splatter movie, you've seen this.
I focused the lesson on the principles of design to give students a goal for their paintings and as a means to control the chaos of splatter painting.
Keene himself admits that the book is not for the squeamish, as he characterizes it as a cross between quiet, supernatural horror and a splatter novel.
The latter is a problem because weld splatter is excessive in a predictable path.
Benefits include sliding and abrasion wear resistance, a non-stick surface for weld splatter, rust resistance and inhibiting of carbon migration to stainless steels.
Called the Autoweld[TM] (SST[R]) process and offered by Lincoln Electric, the process offers ease of operation, better back beads and edge fusion, as well as less splatter and smoke.
When cattle are incapacitated with pneumatic air stunners just before they're slaughtered, powerful blasts of air are injected into their brains: That can splatter brain tissue throughout the carcass, we revealed in our July/August 1997 cover story ("Mad About BSE").
Carroll observes his true believers and wondrous objects during quick visits: an hour or so in the heat of August at a sanctuary in Palermo dedicated to beheaded souls or a day in Nocera Terinese on Holy Saturday to witness pairs of scourgers splatter their blood, vinegar, and wine all over the village.
The spill looks accidental upon their chest & eyes a splash of deepest maroon a splatter, a delicacy that contains the wound & go on with open eyes
Her grandson, Bellong Sebes, said Castaneda may have fought her assailant based on the blood splatter around the crime scene.
Helen Robinson the art teacher at the college said: "During this lesson, students created artwork using elastic bands to splatter paint, string rolling and rolling marbles through paint to create the desired eect.