splash with

splash (someone, something, or oneself) with (something)

To slosh or spatter some liquid onto someone, something, or oneself. The frying pan keeps splashing me with hot grease. I don't know why everyone thinks this painting is so brilliant. It looks like the artist just randomly splashed a canvas with paint! He splashed himself with cold water to help wake up.
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splash someone or something with something

to scatter or slosh someone or something with a liquid. The whales at Sea World splashed everyone in the audience with water. I splashed the side of the stove with pancake batter when I dropped the bowl.
See also: splash
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Middlesbrough Council is helping co-ordinate Splash with the Jobcentre and Middlesbrough College to ensure residents get the opportunity to take up the new positions.
Apart from its obvious appeal to younger drivers, I can see this model making a real splash with senior citizen motorists.
Craig Jacobs, vice-president and co-owner of Splash with president Richard Waltzer, declined to discuss the contract's dollar value but said he anticipates the value of this and other pending deals at $400,000.