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make a splash

To be very successful and garner a lot of public attention. The low-budget indie movie is making a big splash with audiences worldwide. The video game franchise was canceled after its latest entry failed to make a splash.
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splash about

 and splash around 
1. to move about in a volume of a liquid, splashing. The children splashed about in the pool. They splashed around for an hour.
2. [for a liquid] to move about, splashing. The water splashed about in the bucket. It splashed around as I carried the bucket.
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splash down

[for a space capsule] to land in the water. The capsule splashed down very close to the pickup ship.
See also: down, splash

splash on someone or something

to scatter [a liquid] on someone or something. Try to keep from splashing on anybody. Don't splash on the wall!
See also: on, splash

splash over

[for a volume of liquid] to overflow its container. A lot of the coffee splashed over before I got to the table with the cup. Don't fill it so full and it won't splash over.
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splash someone or something up

to scatter a liquid onto someone or something. Don't get that stuff all over. Don't splash the place up! She splashed up the kitchen when she washed the dishes.
See also: splash, up

splash someone or something with something

to scatter or slosh someone or something with a liquid. The whales at Sea World splashed everyone in the audience with water. I splashed the side of the stove with pancake batter when I dropped the bowl.
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splash something about

to scatter or slosh a liquid about. Please don't splash that about. It will stain anything you spill it on. Don't splash that stuff about!
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splash something (all) over someone or something

to cause a liquid to overflow or engulf someone or something. Tony splashed water all over Nick. Who splashed milk all over the table?
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splash something on(to) someone or something

to make a liquid scatter onto someone or something. Accidentally, the lab assistant splashed acid onto his arm. He splashed something on the counter.
See also: on, splash

splash down

Land in water, as in The spacecraft splashed down within a few hundred yards of the pickup point. The splash in this idiom alludes to the impact of a solid body on water. [c. 1960]
See also: down, splash

make a splash

COMMON If someone or something makes a splash, they attract a lot of attention, often by being very successful. Mrs Gorman has made quite a splash at Westminster with her outspoken views and colourful clothes. His debut single comes out in May — but has already made quite a splash in the States.
See also: make, splash

splash down

To land in water. Used of a spacecraft or missile: The spacecraft splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean.
See also: down, splash
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