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Wasps boss Dai Young told the BBC he didn't see the spitting incident but was angry about the stamp on his son.
In Sabangan, it also illegal 'to spill momma or unsanitary disposing of momma material or spitting receptacle in any place that causes an unsanitary sight.'
I also think spitting as a form of attack or retaliation seems such a strange, primitive and, I'm sorry, chavvy thing to do in today's society.
UEFA's rulebook punishes spitting with a mandatory six-game ban, and Jonny Evans and Papiss Cisse were both suspended after being found guilty of the offence during a Premier League match between Newcastle and Manchester United in March 2015.
Zero tolerance should be shown for littering and spitting. Just as strict action is taken against rash driving, strict penalties should be imposed for spitting and littering.
One City Council member, Ben Kallos, responded to the petition Thursday and said the Department of Homeless Services had been consulted and was working with the New York Police Department's 19th Precinct to offer help to the "Spitting Lady." However, she had refused.
Dubai - People spitting paan (betel leaf) in Dubai should not be just fined, but also made to clean up their spit, many Dubai residents have said while welcoming the emirate's move to issue stiffer penalties for cleanliness violations.
The Maharashtra CM on Tuesday announced that a Cabinet sub- committee, headed by Health Minister Deepak Sawant, would frame rules regarding setting up of an enforcement agency to implement the proposed anti- spitting law.
"Loogie introduces a funny dimension into the platformer genre by its unique spitting," said Raik Bittner, co-creator of Spit 'N' Run.
The Newcastle striker and the Old Trafford defender were both charged after a spitting incident during the 1-0 win by Louis van Gaal's side at St James' Park on Wednesday - missed by match officials but caught on camera.
When archerfish hunt by precision spitting water into the air, they do a lot more with their mouths than put their lips together and blow.
PEOPLE caught spitting in the streets of Cardiff are to be fined PS80 on the spot in a proposed council crackdown on the "disgusting" habit.
MANILA -- Spitting in public may in the future cost you P500 to P2,000, if a lawmaker gets his way.
Summary: Burma's streets stained red by people chewing and spitting betel nuts.
National Express, a UK based transport company, has launched a new scheme to stop people from spitting at others on public transport.