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a close chewer and a tight spitter

One who is very frugal or thrifty. I'm sure he hasn't spent any of that money he won because he's such a close chewer and a tight spitter.
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close chewer and a tight spitter

Rur. someone who hates to spend money; a cheapskate. He's a close chewer and a tight spitter. Everything about him looks run-down, but he's probably the richest man in the county.
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Spitters connected the hot tub to the pool with a small lazy river.
Some shoot their seeds farther than most watermelon spitters can spout.
We still have a long way to go in preventing the transmission of HIV and in providing simple, effective, easy-to-tolerate treatment for those who are infected," Spitters said.
If the spitter is known to the police then arrest plans can be drawn up.
Cardiff Bus has a 'Spit-buster' initiative where our drivers are issued with swab kits to deter and detect spitters.
Mind you, it will take a heck of a lot of loud speakers on Bangor High Street to deter all the dirty chewing gum spitters that scar our streets, and even our shop floor carpets with their filthy left overs.
Law changes have given councils the powers to issue fixed-penalty notices to gum spitters because the sticky stuff is now classified as litter.
In his trusty khakis and protective "sunnys", he gets closer than anyone on TV ever before, having several dangerous encounters before admitting that spitters might be too much.
Wet face babies such as droolers and spitters are also subject to greater degrees of rash.
Also could we have serious enforcement against the legions of chewing-gum spitters who will no doubt be next on the scene; at least cigarette rubbish can be swept easily (by smokers?
Spitting is an abhorrent attack and through our spit-busters initiative where our bus drivers are issued with swab kits to deter and detect spitters we aim to fight against attacks like this on our staff and passengers.
Alan Woods, chief executive of Keep Britain Tidy, said: "According to a poll, litterbugging motorists are rated more repulsive than spitters and nose pickers; more malevolent than middle-lane drivers and a bigger irritant than those who do their make-up while motoring.
Then there are the shirt-pullers, spitters, nippers, time-wasters, those who wave an imaginary card when surrounding a referee demanding a rival booked, and others.
Bus drivers are being issued with DNA swab kits to detect and deter spitters.
Sgt Alan Radford (left) of Coventry British Transport Police, welcomed the move to use DNA kits which he said would help gather as much evidence as possible to bring spitters to justice.