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a close chewer and a tight spitter

One who is very frugal or stingy. I'm sure he hasn't spent any of that money he won because he's such a close chewer and a tight spitter.
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close chewer and a tight spitter

Rur. someone who hates to spend money; a cheapskate. He's a close chewer and a tight spitter. Everything about him looks run-down, but he's probably the richest man in the county.
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Featuring everything from wisecracks to deep-dive statistics to social media trends, The Spitter will pick up where its predecessor left off, while also producing podcasts, increasing social media engagement, and loosening the restrictions on what many feel a "baseball site" should be.
If the spitter is known to the police then arrest plans can be drawn up.
SPIT THE DOG: No relation - but funnier and better mannered than Blackburn's serial spitter.
But now, the serial spitter is asking football supporters everywhere to feel another emotion as he tries to rebuild his life at The Reebok ...
The trouble is, as a serial spitter and an accomplished diver, the reviled Diouf is likely to learn no lessons from his disgusting actions.
Of course, this thoroughly nifty BB spitter does not have the customary chamber-loaded indicator found in the cartridge-firing PPK/S, either, but that's also an insignificant difference.
Though there are new foes such as the spitter, jockey and charger as well as new weapons, there is no obvious fresh feature here that could not have been implemented as an add-on pack.
In the hills, gung-ho troublemaker Crank, sassy mother Missy, cool and detached Delmar and speech-impaired Spitter fire on live targets for the first time.
Similar fines will be given to every filthy spitter and litterer, with traffic wardens redeployed to enforce compliance while retired Sergeant Majors will make these 'orrible people clean up their mess - with a toothbrush for their first offence and their tongues for a second and all subsequent ones.
There's also Surge (pounds 6.99), with his high-power electricity shooter, plasma gun and superthick armour; Splitface (pounds 9.99), with his vicious shredding claw, plasma gun, precision laser and split personality; and Thornraxx (pounds 6.99), who has escaped through the black hole and is hiding on Hive planet - watch out for his venom spitter, deadly stinger and razor claws; finally, Breez (pounds 9.99), our hero in the skies, with his rocket boots, dou b l e -b laded sabre and a hex energy shield.
His duel with Arjan de Zeeuw conjures up memories of a previous spat, though even the Senegalese spitter isn't as mouthwatering as Pompey at 2-1.
But Diouf, the Liverpool flop hitherto most notorious as a serial spitter, abused that privilege with a preposterous, outrageously cynical dive and then smeared salt into Rovers' wounds with his smirking celebration.
The kit was not used on this occasion but the spitter was identified, convicted and sentenced.