spit (out) the dummy

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spit (out) the dummy

To have a childish overreaction or angry outburst to a negative situation or outcome; to act in a bad-tempered manner, likened to a temper tantrum of a child. "Dummy" here refers to a plastic teat used to soothe teething infants (also called a "pacifier" in the U.S. or a "soother" elsewhere), which they may spit when in the middle of a tantrum. Primarily heard in Australia. John spat the dummy when I told him I'd sold his old comic book collection. Don't go spitting out the dummy just because Cheryl got the promotion instead of you.
See also: dummy, spit

spit the dummy


spit out the dummy

If you accuse someone of spitting the dummy or spitting out the dummy, you are accusing them of behaving in a bad-tempered and childish way. He spat the dummy when his wife decided to go back to work. They are taking the money but not talking to us. If they want to spit out the dummy, that's their affair. Note: The image here is of a bad-tempered baby spitting out its dummy.
See also: dummy, spit

spit (out) the dummy

behave in a petulant way. Australian informal
See also: dummy, spit
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MESSI SPITS THE DUMMY BACK PAGE It's a massive change for the talented teen, who just two years ago was playing football in the park and didn't have a club.
But as soon as he's transfer listed following his contract expiration at Old Trafford and left with just retirement or pay-as-you-play contract offers, he spits the dummy.
This was one of the great sporting interviews and it shouldn't just be shown to footballers but everyone in sport who spits the dummy out when a free-kick decision, line-call, judges' verdict or lbw shout goes against them.
Yes, he is the goalie so if he doesn't keep a clean sheet he spits the dummy.