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My journey to the end of that particular spit ended before I reached the end.
"We know they spit on elephants, hyenas, just about anything that passes by that's big enough to trample on them or even eat them," New Scientist quoted Lead researcher Guido Westhoff, a herpetologist at the University of Bonn, Germany as saying.
Each spit has an independent motor and its own switch to reduce risk of complete immobilization of the entire rotisserie should one spit malfunction.
Swedish market communication and brand development consulting group A-Com AB announced on Wednesday (21 March) that it has made an offer for all shares of Norwegian market communication firm Spits ASA.
Saliva and chewing gum deposited on the pavement need to be cleaned-up and when it is aimed at a person, spit can spread colds, flu, measles and mumps."
The healthy infant who spits up -- often called a "happy spitter" -- looks and acts healthy.
LORD MCCOLL OF DULWICH: My Lords, does the Minister agree that there is a real public-health danger in spitting if the spitter spits in the eye of the recipient, because meningococcal infection can be transferred that way?
The conquest complete, the man steps back from the stump and spits. Then he spits again.
"Anyone who spits will find their saliva put on the DNA database and if there's a match they'll be arrested."
RESTAURANTS HAVE TURNED SPIT roasting into theater.